Short Answers Part 1

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African state's own survival strategies in the late 1980s and early 1990s1. Re-legitimisation of the state, 2. State inversion, 3. Shrinking client / patron works, 4. Tapping into foreign patronage, 5. Exploiting parallel markets, 6. The warlord state
Reasons for the emergence of multiparty democracy in Africa in the 1990s1. The state's loss of authority, 2. The changing international political arena, 3. A rejuvenated civil society, 4. Precedent
Obstacles to democratic consolidation1. Need fro credible opposition, 2. Need for a strong civil society, 3. Need for stronger economies, 4. Need to separate the state and the ruling party, 5. The releasing of ethnic mobilisation, 6. The threat of the military, 7. Political culture