Shelf Review Psych II

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Question Answer
alcohol actionGABA
benzo actionGABA
opiate actionMu
Cocaine actionblocks re-uptake of DA, NE, 5HT
amphetamine actionblocks re-uptake of DA, NE, 5HT, but also promotes the release
ecstasyblocks re-uptake of DA, NE, 5HT but also a 5HT agonist
hallucinogens5HT agonist
difference between alcohol and benzo tox?alcohol makes you more activated, then drowsy. benzo is just drowsy
difference between alcohol and benzo withdrawal? alcohol is more irritable. benzo is more anxiety
difference between opiate vs. cocaine toxicity?opiate has pinpoint pupils
difference between cocaine and amphetamine toxicity?cocaine has chest pain (vasospasm) and ST elevation
difference between cocaine and amphetamine withdrawal?acute suicidality in cocaine withdrawal
synesthesia hallucinogen
acute suicidality cocaine withdrawal
leaking all overopiate withdrawal
rebound anxietybenzo withdrawal
rebound irritabilityalcohol withdrawal
PCP actionNMDA blocker
when does alcohol withdrawal start?6-24 hours
when does alcohol withdrawal peak?24-48 hours
when does alcohol withdrawal end?5-7 days
what do you see in early alcohol withdrawal?tongue tremor, irritable, sweaty
tongue tremorearly alcohol withdrawal
when do you see vital sign instability and seizures in alcohol withdrawal48 hours (post op day 1)
difference between EtOH hallucinosis and DT?no vital sign instability in hallucinosis, but yes in DT


Question Answer
mild withdrawal6-24 hrs
seizures12-48 hrs
alcoholic hallucinosis12-48 hrs
DT48-96 hrs
three benzos that bypass liver metabolismlorazepam, oxazepam, temazepam


Question Answer
bradycardiaanorexia--the indication for HX admission
STEMI (in young person)cocaine
widened QRSTCA
flattened T-waveslithium
prolonged QTcziprasidone/atypical antipsychotics

medical conditions presenting psychiatrically

Question Answer
B12 deficiencydementia, depression
AIPepisodic psychosis plus severe abdominal pain
Wilson'spersonality changes, dysinhibition
Hunington'sdepression, personality and chorean


Question Answer
increased WBClithium, delirium from infection, steroids
decreased WBCagranulocytosis from clozapine, HIV
macrocytic anemiafolate, B12
normocytic anemiarenal failure and uremia
microcytic anemiairon deficiency (restless leg and anorexia), lead poisoning, acute intermittent porphyria
increased plateletspro inflammatory states like lupus, sarcoid, RA
decreased plateletsvalproate
increased Naalcohol, anorexia, lithium, DI
decreased Napsychogenic polydipsia, carbamazepine, SSRI in elderly --> SIADH
decreased K/Clbulimia, anorexia purging type
increased HCO3bulimia, sleep apnea
decreased HCO3anorexia with laxatives, poisonings (MUDPILES)
increased BUN/creatininelithium
decreased BUN/creatinineanorexia (decreased muscle mass)
increased glucoseDM, DKA
decreased glucosefactitious disorder (test C peptide)
increased Cacancer, breast cancer, squamous cell lung cancer, increased PTH (lithium)
decreased Caanorexia
increased LFTsvalproate, EtOH, Hep C, acetaminophen
decreased LFTscirrhosis from EtOH or Hep C (which has IFN as treatment that causes depression)
increased proteinacute HIV, MM, Hep C cryoglobulinemia
decreased proteinanorexia, cirrhosis


Question Answer
nucleus of serotonindorsal raphe
nucleus of NElocus ceruleus
nucleus of dopamineSN, VTA
nucleus of acetycholinenucleus basalis of meynert
capgrasimposter syndrome
fregoliassume strangers are familiar people in disguise
cotard'snihlistic delusions/pt believes they're dead


Question Answer
Down's syndromeepicanthal folds, large tongue, single palmar crease
fragile Xtall, thin, prominent forehead, large jaw, small testicles.
FASsmooth philtrum, epicanthal folds.
Rett'sv. small heads, nml development up to 2 yrs, stereotyped, hand ringing movements
Lesch-Nyhanbehavoiral problems, muscular degeneration, chew their own skin/eat themselves
Prader Willifat, almond-shaped eyes, small testicles
tuberous sclerosisseizure, ash leaf spots
PKUlight-skinned, bland, blue eyes, mousy smelling urine
bell pad for enuresis is an example ofclassical conditioning
treatment of enuresistimed voids/fluid restrict --> bell pads --> DDAVP --> imipramine
what are children with separation anxiety scared of ?something bad happening to the parent
tic disorder treatmentclonidine
tourette disorder treatmentclonidine, but gold standard is haloperidol (antipsychotic)
diagnosis of tourette disorder?at least 1 vocal, multiple movement, before 18 yo, at least 1 yr
tic disorder treatment with ADHD?atamoxatine or clonidine
hand ringingRett
shrinking head sizeRett
MR syndrome with seizuresPKU
ferric chloride test turns urine blue-greenPKU
short palpebral fissureFAS


Question Answer
object permanence by9 months
saying mama and dadaby 10 months
social smileby 2 months
stranger anxietyby 6 months
separation anxietyby 9 months
points to objectsby 12 months
first stepsby 12 months
climbs stairsby 18 months
stack cubesnumber = age x 3
feed self with forkby 20 months
kick ball2 yo
parallel play2-3 yo
moves away and comes back to momrapprochment by 2 yo
200 wordsby 2 yo
core gender identityby 3 yo
imaginary friendsby 4 yr
tricycle3 yo
hop on one footby 4 yo
buttons and zippersby 5 yo
legends4 yo
complete sentences with prepositions4 yo


Question Answer
tangles and plaquesAD
global cortical atrophyAD
what goes first in AD?working memory
treatment for lewy body dementia?low dose quetiepine
dementia, hallucinations, movement disorderlewy body
infarcts of multiple stagesvascular dementia
language losstemporal dementia
disinhibition and hypersexualpick's frontal dementia
caudate atrophyhuntington's
first change in huntington'sdepression
14-3-3 protein on CSFcreutzfeld jacob
4 reversible types of dementiaNPH, B12, hypothyroid, pseudo dementia
is neurosyphilis reversible?no
which dementia can lead to kluver bucy?frontotemporal
4 types of reversible dementiadepression, B12, hypothyroid, NPH


Question Answer
pathyphysiology of panic attacksNE and locus ceruleus
enlarged ventriclesschizophrenia
caudate atrophyhuntington's
tourette part of brain changecaudate and frontal lobe atrophy
treat lithium induced tremor?decrease dose, add propranolol
calcium oxalate crystals in urine?ethylene glycol poisoning
causes of anticholinergic toxicity (hot, blind, dry, red, mad)thioridazine, chlorpromazine, TCAs, diphenhydramine.
confusion, opthalmoplegia, ataxiawernicke
anterograde amnesia, confabulationkorsakoff
treat EtOh withdrawal?benzo
naloxone vs naltrexonenaltrexone is for reducing relapse in alcohol dependence, naloxone is for opiate overdose with respiratory depression
treatment of generalized social anxiety disorder?SSRI
treatment of performance social anxiety disorder?propranolol (or benzo if they have asthma)
lactate infusionpanic disorder
treat body dysmorphic disorder?SSRI or CBT
what happens to K, Cl, pH, protein, Na, and amylase in bulimia?decreased K, Cl, protein, immune function. Increased Na, amylase, pH
C-peptide greater than 1?factitious disorder insulin injection
found wandering and don't know own name?dissociative fugue
patient with multiple names and lost time with activities not remembereddissociative identity disorder
depot antipsychoticshaloperidol, fluphenazine, risperidone, aripiprazole
propranolol can cause ...depression or sexual dysfunction
social skills training for ...pervasive developmental delays
L MCA strokeL frontal hemisphere --> depression
R MCA strokeR frontal hemisphere --> euphoria, mania, inappropriate indifference


Question Answer
strokes in frontal lobebehavioral changes
strokes in temporal lobelanguage and memory changes
diffuse bilateral frontal strokeOCD
parietal lobe strokesvisuospacial changes
stroke in arcuate fasciculuspart of temporal lobe --> conduction aphasia (intact comprehension, fluent speech , but poor repetition)
"no if ands or buts"arcuate fasciculus stroke of temporal lobe --> conduction aphasia
hemineglect syndromeparietal lobe stroke
3hz spike and slow wave changes on EEGabsence seizures
treat absence seizures withethosuximide
"father had"Huntington's
rounded ventriclesHuntington's
colicky abdominal painporphyria
phenobarbital brings on painporphyria
if you suspect AIP, what do you order?urine porphyrins/porphobilinogen
pretibial myxedemahyperthyroid (graves)
treatment of hyperthyroid?propylthiouracil or methimazole
elevated measles titer in CSF?SSPE
what decreases incidence of SSPE?measles vaccination
myoclonus and dementia at age 10?SSPE
treat cataplexy?sodium oxybate
how do you treat acute agitated bipolar mania?antipsychotic + lithium or valproate. Usually risperidone, haloperidol, olanzapine)


Question Answer
griefinterpersonal psychotherapy
relationship conflictsinterpersonal psychotherapy
cognitive impairment or psychoticsupportive psychotherapy
to build up adaptive defense mechanismssupportive psychotherapy
neurotic higher functioning peoplepsychodynamic psychotherapy
substance use disordermotivational interviewing
persistent maladaptive thoughtsCBT
avoidant behaviorCBT
borderline PDDBT
self-injurious behaviorDBT
when physical responses accompany the psych symptomsbiofeedback

sleep and sleep disorder

Question Answer
initiating sleepcaffeine
maintaining sleepPTSD, duiretics, pain
early morning awakeningdepression
non-restorative sleepOSA, alcohol use
change in sleep architecture in MDDearly REM, more REM overall (pt feels like the don't dream on antidepressants)
narcolepsydaytime sleepiness, cataplexy, sleep, hypnogogic hallucinations
sleep terrorsN3 (not REM), autonomic instability, insomnia
REM sleep behavior disorder associated withParkinson's plus LBD