Shaving a Patient

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Question Answer
1checks orders and obtains authorization
2assembles equipment and supplies
3checks razor for nicks or damaged edge
4knocks on door, introduces self, identifies patient, and explains procedure
5closes door and screens unit
6washes hands and puts on gloves if needed
7elevates bed to working height and locks bed
8elevates head of bed
9lowers side rail if elevated
10positions patient
11drapes shoulders and chest with towel
12moistens area with warm water
13applies lather to small area
14shaves as follows: holds skin taut, shaves in direction of hair growth, uses firm and short strokes, rinses razor
15shaves both cheeks
16shaves chin area
17shaves nostril area
18washes and dries face
19applies aftershave if desired
20uses electronic razor: reads directions, holds skin taut, uses circular or short stroke-type motion, cleans razor with brush
21positions patient in correct alignment
22elevates siderails if indicated and lowers bed to lowest level
23places call signal and supplies within reach
24discards blade or disposable razor in sharps container
25cleans and replaces equipment
26removes gloves if worn and washes hands
27records or reports required information

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