Sharing Quickstart

Updated 2009-07-23 05:03

In a nutshell...

You can...
View and edit other users' versions (by clicking "all").
Send links of your versions to others (by clicking "Share").
Follow other users' versions on your profile page (by going to their profile and clicking "options" then "follow this user").

Other users' versions

Click the "all" link (at the top) to see the versions of a page created by other users. You can see all versions a user has created by going to their profile (click on their username). When you edit, it will create a version for you (leaving their version in tact).

Send links to people

Click the "share" link (at the right) to share links to your pages via another Twitter, Facebook, or Digg (etc.). Or, just copy the url of your page and send it in an email to a friend. They'll be able to see your version right away, and even make their own version.

Following other users' activity

To keep up with new content created by your friends and colleagues, follow them on your profile. You can do this by going to their profile and clicking "user" (under "this page") and then clicking their name next to "follow this user".


Their username and a dynamic list of their recent edits will show up on your profile under "Following". Each time the user edits a page this list will be updated.


Collaborative editing

Groups of people can collaborate by editing the same page. You need not worry that other users will mess up your page. This is because each person gets their own version when they make a change.


Click the "compare" link (at the right) to compare another user's version to your own, or to compare to the main version.


At the top of the "compare" dialog there's a "merge" link to help you merge changes from other peoples versions. Or, you can simply copy and paste from their version into yours.


Question Answer
To send someone a link to a pageclick the "Share" button
To see all versions of a pageclick the "all" link (near the top, after "versions of ..."
To follow a userclick their username, then "options" then "follow this user"
To compare a your version with someone else'sclick the "compare" link

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