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What is the date normally given as his birth?23 April 1564
With what holiday does the the date normally given as his birth coincide?St. George's Day
What is the date he died?23 April 1616
Where was he born?Stratford-upon-Avon
What was the name of his wife?Anne Hathaway
What were his and his wife's ages at the time of their marriage?18 and 26, respectively
What were the names of his children?Susanna, Hamnet and Judith
Which of his children died and at what age?Hamnet, and at 11
What were his parents called?John and Mary
What was significant about Shakespeare's parents' marriage?His mother married below her status.
How many of his sonnets are addressed to a 'Fair Youth', a young man?126
How many of his sonnets are addressed to The Dark Lady?28
What do some people speculate about The Dark Lady of his sonnets?She was a black prostitute.
What could be said about the size of London in his day?It was much smaller.
By whom was London run in his day?Puritans
In what area did one have to go to see plays in his day?Outside London.
What were two other entertainments of his day?Bear-baiting and cock-fighting.
What did Puritans opine about the theatre in his day?It was wicked.
What supernatural causal ability did Puritans attribute to theatres in Shakespeare's time, and why was this understandable?The ability to cause plagues, and because of close proximity they indirectly did
What are the three professions for which he was known?Playwright, poet and actor
What are the three genres that his plays are normally categorised as, and what are two helpful clarifications?Tragedy, history and comedy; the history plays were normally about English monarchs, and the comedy plays all had a happy ending.
What were two recurring characteristics in the roles he played?They were small parts and they were of older characters
Why was the Globe open air?To allow light in
By whom were women played in the Globe, and why?Young boys, because of their pitch and lack of facial hair
How was attending a play unusually described in his time, and how is this reflected in modern vocabulary?A play was described of as being 'heard' rather than 'seen', and in the word 'audience'
How many people attended a typical performance of the Globe? 3,000
How many people typically stood during a perfromance at the Globe?1,000
Why must have influenced the smell of the Globe?The fact people rarely had baths, and the confined space
What year did the Globe theatre open?1589
What year did the Globe theatre burn?1613
What year was the Globe closed, and by who?1642, and the Puritans

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