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Pathology 2



Endocrine 6.1 Path-1-Endocrine-1 (by drraythe)
Endocrine 6.2 Path-1-Endocrine-2 (by drraythe)
Endocrine 6.3 Path-1-Endocrine-3 (by drraythe)
Endocrine 6.4 Path-1-Endocrine-4 (by drraythe)
Endocrine 6.5 Path-1-Endocrine-5 (by drraythe)
Endocrine 6.6 Path-1-Endocrine-6 (by drraythe)
Review: Endocrine Quick & Dirty Path-1-Endocrine (by drraythe)


Cardio 1 Path-1-Cardio-1 (by drraythe)
Cardio 2 Path-1-Cardio-2 (by drraythe)
Cardio 3 Path-1-Cardio-3 (by drraythe)
Review 1: Cardio Path-1-Cardio-Review (by drraythe)
Review 2: Cardio Quick & Dirty Path-1-Cardio (by drraythe)


Repro Embryology Path-1-Female-Repro-1
Female: Ovarian Path-1-Female-Repro-2
Female: Uterine Path-1-Female-Repro-3
Female: Salpinx, Cervical, Vulvular & Vaginal Path-1-Female-Repro-4
Female: Mammary Glands Path-1-Female-Repro-5
Female: Abortions Path-1-Female-Repro-6
Male: Testicle, Epididymis, Scrotum Path-1-Male-Repro-1
Male: Accessory Glands Path-1-Male-Repro-2


Integument System Terms Path-1-Integumentary-Glossary-Terms (by drraythe)
Integument System 1 Path-1-Integument-1
Integument System 2 Path-1-Integument-2
Integument System 3 Path-1-Integument-3
Integument System 4 Path-1-Integument-4
Integument System 5 Path-1-Integument-5
Integument System 6 Path-1-Integument-6
Integument System 7 Path-1-Integument-7
Review: Integument Path-1-Integument-Quick-Review (by drraythe)


Urinary System 1 Path-1-Urinary-1
Urinary System 1 Path-1-Urinary-2
Urinary System 1 Path-1-Urinary-3
Urinary System 1 Path-1-Urinary-4
Urinary System 1 Path-1-Urinary-5
Urinary System 1 Path-1-Urinary-6


Alimentary 1 Path-2-Alimentary-1 (by drraythe)
Alimentary 2 Path-2-Alimentary-2 (by drraythe)
Alimentary 3 Path-2-Alimentary-3 (by drraythe)
Alimentary 4 Path-2-Alimentary-4 (by drraythe)
Alimentary 5 Path-2-Alimentary-5 (by drraythe)
Alimentary 6 Path-2-Alimentary-6 (by drraythe)


Hemolymphatics 1 Path-2-Hemolymphatic-System-1 (by drraythe)
Hemolymphatics 2 Path-2-Hemolymphatic-System-2 (by drraythe)
Hemolymphatics 3 Path-2-Hemolymphatic-System-3 (by drraythe)
Hemolymphatics 4 Path-2-Hemolymphatic-System-4 (by drraythe)
Hemolymphatics 5 Path-2-Hemolymphatic-System-5 (by drraythe)
Hemolymphatics Quick & Dirty Path-2-Hemolymphatic (by drraythe)


Neurology 1 Path-2-Neuro-1 (by drraythe)
Neurology 2 Path-2-Neuro-2 (by drraythe)
Neurology 3 Path-2-Neuro-3 (by drraythe)
Neurology 4 Path-2-Neuro-4 (by drraythe)
Neurology 5 Path-2-Neuro-5 (by drraythe)
Neurology 6 Path-2-Neuro-6 (by drraythe)
Review: Neuro Quick & Dirty Path-2-Neuro (by drraythe)


Respiratory Resp 1 Path-2-Resp-1 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 2 Path-2-Resp-2 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 3 Path-2-Resp-3 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 4 Path-2-Resp-4 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 5 Path-2-Resp-5 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 6 Path-2-Resp-6 (by drraythe)
Review: Resp Quick & Dirty 1 Path-2-Resp-Quick-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Resp Quick & Dirty 2 Path-2-Resp-Quick-2 (by drraythe)


Hepatobiliary 1 Path-1-Hepatobiliary-1 (by drraythe)
Hepatobiliary 2 Path-1-Hepatobiliary-2 (by drraythe)


Ocular 1 Path-1-Eye-1 (by drraythe)
Ocular 2 Path-1-Eye-2 (by drraythe)
Auricular Path-1-Ear (by drraythe)


Osteo 1 Path-2-Osteo-1 (by drraythe)
Osteo 2 Path-2-Osteo-2 (by drraythe)


Muscle Path-2-Muscles-Fast-Review (by drraythe)

Clin Med Cumulative!

Like Path, these sections may be taught in any order.


Bloodwork 1 Clin-Med-Intro-Bloodwork-1 (by drraythe)
Bloodwork 2 Clin-Med-Intro-Bloodwork-2 (by drraythe)
Bloodwork 3 Clin-Med-Intro-Bloodwork-3 (by drraythe)


Renal Clin-Med-Renal (by drraythe)


Intro to Fluid Therapy Clin-Med-FT-Intro (by drraythe)
Fluid Therapy Clin-Med-Adv-Diagnostics-Fluid-Therapy-Basics (by drraythe)
Equine Fuild Therapy Clin-Med-Equine-FT (by drraythe)
Ruminant Fuild Therapy Clin-Med-Ruminant-FT (by drraythe)


Electrolytes Clin-Med-Electrolytes (by drraythe)
Electrolyte Correction Clin-Med-Electrolyte-Correction-Acid-Base (by drraythe)
Fernandez Electrolytes 1 Clin-Med-Fernandez-1 (by drraythe)
Fernandez Electrolytes 2 Clin-Med-Fernandez-2 (by drraythe)
Fernandez Electrolytes 3 Clin-Med-Fernandez-3 (by drraythe)


Assessment & Triage Clin-Med-Assessment-Triage (by drraythe)
Thoracic Trauma Clin-Med-Thoracic-Trauma (by drraythe)


Intro to GI 1 Clin-Med-GI-Intro-1 (by drraythe)
Intro to GI 2 Clin-Med-GI-Intro-2 (by drraythe)
Intro to GI 3 Clin-Med-GI-Intro-3 (by drraythe)
FA GI Clin-Med-Food-Animal-GI (by drraythe)
Equine GI Clin-Med-Equine-GI (by drraythe)


SA Hepatobiliary 1 Clin-Med-SA-Hepatobiliary-1 (by drraythe)
SA Hepatobiliary 2 Clin-Med-SA-Hepatobiliary-2 (by drraythe)
Equine Liver Clin-Med-Equine-Liver (by drraythe)
Food Animal Liver Clin-Med-Food-Animal-Liver (by drraythe)


Ophtho Clin-Med-Ophthalmology (by drraythe)


Review: Midterm Review Clin-Med-Midterm-Fast-Review (by drraythe)


Derm 1 Clin-Med-Derm-1 (by drraythe)
Derm 2 Clin-Med-Derm-2 (by drraythe)


Neruo 1 Clin-Med-Neuro-1 (by drraythe)
Neruo 2 Clin-Med-Neuro-2 (by drraythe)
Neruo 3 Clin-Med-Neuro-3 (by drraythe)
Neruo 4 Clin-Med-Neuro-4 (by drraythe)
Review: Neuro Full Review Clin-Med-Neuro-Review (by drraythe)
Review: Neuro Quick Review Clin-Med-Neuro-Fast-Review (by drraythe)


Respiratory 1 Clin-Med-Respiratory-1 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 2 Clin-Med-Respiratory-2 (by drraythe)
Respiratory 3 Clin-Med-Respiratory-3 (by drraythe)


Cardiac 1 Clin-Med-Cardiac-1 (by drraythe)
Cardiac 2 Clin-Med-Cardiac-2 (by drraythe)


Review: Midterm 1 - VPH-Midterm-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Midterm 2 - VPH-Midterm-2 (by drraythe)
Review: Midterm 3 - VPH-Midterm-3 (by drraythe)


Review: Quiz 2 - Zoonoses 1 VPH-Quiz-2-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Quiz 2 - Zoonoses 2 VPH-Quiz-2-2 (by drraythe)
Review: Quiz 2 - Zoonoses 3 VPH-Quiz-2-3 (by drraythe)
Review: Quiz 2 - Zoonoses 4 VPH-Quiz-2-4 (by drraythe)
Review: Quiz 2 - Zoonoses 5 VPH-Quiz-2-5 (by drraythe)


Review: Final 1 - VPH-Final-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Final 2 - VPH-Final-2 (by drraythe)
Review: Final 3 - VPH-Final-3 (by drraythe)
Review: Final 4 - VPH-Final-4 (by drraythe)
Review: Final 5 - VPH-Final-5 (by drraythe)
Review: Final 6 - VPH-Final-6 (by drraythe)
Review: Final Quick - VPH-Final-Quick-Dirty (by drraythe)


Review: Quiz 1 - 1 Epidemiology-Quiz-1-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Quiz 1 - 2 Epidemiology-Quiz-1-2 (by drraythe)


Review 1: Final Epidemiology-Final-1 (by drraythe)
Review 2: Final Epidemiology-Final-2 (by drraythe)
Review 3: Final Epidemiology-Final-3 (by drraythe)



Section 1: Reptiles 1 Exotics-Reptiles-1 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Reptiles 2 Exotics-Reptiles-2 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Reptiles 3 Exotics-Reptiles-3 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Reptiles 4 Exotics-Reptiles-4 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Reptiles 5 Exotics-Reptiles-5 (by drraythe)


Section 2: Amphibians Exotics-Amphibians (by drraythe)


Section 3: Poultry 1 Exotics-Poultry-1 (by drraythe)
Section 3: Poultry 2 Exotics-Poultry-2 (by drraythe)
Section 3: Birds 1 Exotics-Non-Poultry-Birds-1 (by drraythe)
Section 3: Birds 2 Exotics-Non-Poultry-Birds-2 (by drraythe)


Section 4: Small Mammals 1 Exotics-Small-Mammal-1 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Small Mammals 2 Exotics-Small-Mammal-2 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Small Mammals 3 Exotics-Small-Mammal-3 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Small Mammals 4 Exotics-Small-Mammal-4 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Small Mammals 5 Exotics-Small-Mammal-5 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Small Mammals 6 Exotics-Small-Mammal-6 (by drraythe)
Review 1: Small Mammals Exotics-Small-Mammal-Review-1 (by drraythe)
Review 2: Small Mammals Exotics-Small-Mammal-Review-2 (by drraythe)


Section 5: Fish Anatomy/Phys Exotics-Fish-1 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Water Quality & Bac. Dzs Exotics-Fish-2 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Viral & Protozoan Dz Exotics-Fish-3 (by drraythe)


Section 6: Avian Bacterial Dz 1 Exotics-Avian-Dz-1 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Avian Bacterial Dz 2 Exotics-Avian-Dz-2 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Avian Bacterial Dz 3 Exotics-Avian-Dz-3 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Avian Viral Dz 1 Exotics-Avian-Dz-4 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Avian Viral 2 & Fungal Dz Exotics-Avian-Dz-5 (by drraythe)

Anesthesiology Cumulative!

Section 1: Quiz 1-1 Anesthesiology-Quiz-1-1 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Quiz 1-2 Anesthesiology-Quiz-1-2 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Quiz 1-3 Anesthesiology-Quiz-1-3 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Quiz 1-4 Anesthesiology-Quiz-1-4 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Quiz 1-5 Anesthesiology-Quiz-1-5 (by drraythe)


Review 1: Midterm Anesthesiology-Midterm-1 (by drraythe)
Review 2: Midterm Anesthesiology-Midterm-2 (by drraythe)
Review 3: Midterm Anesthesiology-Midterm-3 (by drraythe)


Section 2: Fluid Therapy Anesthesia-Fluid-Therapy (by drraythe)
Section 2: Thermo Anesthesiology-Thermo (by drraythe)


Section 3: Monitoring 1 Anesthesiology-Monitoring-1 (by drraythe)
Section 3: Monitoring 2 Anesthesiology-Monitoring-2 (by drraythe)
Section 3: Monitoring 3 Anesthesiology-Monitoring-3 (by drraythe)


Section 4: NM Blockers Anesthesia-Neuromuscular-Blocking-Agents (by drraythe)


Section 5: Sm Animal Anesthesia Anesthesia-Small-Animal-Anx-1 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Sm Animal Anesthesia Anesthesia-Small-Animal-Anx-2 (by drraythe)


Section 6: Euthanasia Anesthesia-Euthanasia (by drraythe)

1337 Surgical Skillzorz

Section 1: Lab Manual Knowledge Sx-Skills-Lab-Manual-Info (by drraythe)
Section 2: Sterilization & Disinfection Sx-Skills-Sterilization-Disinfection (by drraythe)
Section 3: Surgical Instruments Sx-Skills-Basic-Surgical-Instruments-Handling (by drraythe)
Section 4: Principles of Asepsis Sx-Skills-Principles-of-Asepsis (by drraythe)
Section 5: Suture Materials Sx-Skills-Suture-Materials-Surgical-Needles-1 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Needles & Alt Closures Sx-Skills-Suture-Materials-Surgical-Needles-2 (by drraythe)
Section 7: Wounds, & Healing Sx-Skills-Physiology-of-Wound-Healing (by drraythe)
Section 8: Wound Management Sx-Skills-Wound-Management (by drraythe)
Section 9: Bandaging Sx-Skills-Bandaging (by drraythe)
Section 10: Drains Sx-Skills-Drains (by drraythe)
Section 11: Hemostasis & Ligatures Sx-Skills-Lab-Intro-Hemostasis (by drraythe)


Lab Review: Instrument ID Sx-Skills-Instrument-ID-Practical (by drraythe)


Suture Knot & Pattern VIDEOS by Dr. Tara Paterson