SGUSVM - Term 2

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**Quiz 1**
Review: Intro - Bactera Bac-T-Quiz-1-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Abx - Mycology & Antifungals Bac-T-Quiz-1-2 (by drraythe)


Review: Midterm 1 Bac-T-Midterm-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Midterm 2 Bac-T-Midterm-2 (by drraythe)
Review: Dr. H's Sections Bac-T-Midterm-Harri (by drraythe)


**Quiz 2**
Gram Negatives 1 Bac-T-Gram-1 (by drraythe)
Gram Negatives 2 Bac-T-Gram-2 (by drraythe)
Gram Negatives 3 Bac-T-Gram-3 (by drraythe)


Review: Final 1 Bac-T-Final-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Final 2 Bac-T-Final-2 (by drraythe)

Anatomy 2


The sections are NOT numbered bc the order constantly changes


Cranial Nerves
Review: Cranial Nerves Cranial-Nerve-Innervation (by drraythe)


Ruminants + Pigs
Thorax Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Thorax (by drraythe)
Thoracic Limb Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Thoracic-Limb (by drraythe)
Ruminant + Pig Abdomen 1 Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Pig-Abdomen-1 (by drraythe)
Ruminant + Pig Abdomen 2 Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Pig-Abdomen-2 (by drraythe)
Ruminant Hindlimb Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Hindlimb (by drraythe)
Ruminant Mammae Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Mammae (by drraythe)
Ruminant Pelvis 1 Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Pelvis-1 (by drraythe)
Ruminant Pelvis 2 Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Pelvis-2 (by drraythe)
Ruminant Head Anatomy-2-Ruminant-Head (by drraythe)


Equine Neck Anatomy-2-Equine-Neck (by drraythe)
Equine Abdomen 1 Anatomy-2-Equine-Abdomen-1 (by drraythe)
Equine Abdomen 2 Anatomy-2-Equine-Abdomen-2 (by drraythe)
Equine Female Repro Anatomy-2-Equine-Female-Repro (by drraythe)
Equine Male Repro Anatomy-2-Equine-Pelvis-and-Male-Repro (by drraythe)
Equine Thorax Anatomy-2-Equine-Thorax (by drraythe)
Equine Forelimb Joints & Recipocal Apparatus Anatomy-2-Equine-Forelimb-Joints (by drraythe)
Equine Forelimb Bones Anatomy-2-Equine-Forelimb-Osteology (by drraythe)
Equine Forelimb mm, aa, vv, nn Anatomy-2-Equine-Forelimb-mm-aa-vv-nn (by drraythe)
Equine Foot Anatomy-2-Equine-Foot (by drraythe)
Equine Hindlimb Joints Anatomy-2-Equine-Hindlimb-Joints-and-Recip-Apparatus (by drraythe)
Equine Hindlimb Bones Anatomy-2-Equine-Hindlimb-Osteology (by drraythe)
Equine Hindlimb mm, aa, vv, nn Anatomy-2-Equine-Hindlimb-mm-nn-aa-vv (by drraythe)
Equine Stay Apparatus Anatomy-2-Equine-Stay-Apparatus (by drraythe)
Equine Head 1 Anatomy-2-Equine-Head-1 (by drraythe)
Equine Head 2 Anatomy-2-Equine-Head-2 (by drraythe)


Poultry Anatomy-2-Poultry (by drraythe)
Feeeesh Anatomy-2-Feesh (by drraythe)

Physio 2


**Quiz 1**
Section 1: Hematology 1 Physio-2-Hemo-1 (by drraythe)
Section 1: Hematology 2 Physio-2-Hemo-2 (by drraythe)


Section 2: Neurophysiology 1 Physio-2-Neuro-1
Section 2: Neurophysiology 2 Physio-2-Neuro-2
Section 3: Gastro-Intestinal 1 Physio-2-GI-1 (by drraythe)
Section 3: Gastro-Intestinal 2 Physio-2-GI-2 (by drraythe)


**Quiz 2**
Section 3: Gastro-Intestinal 3 Physio-2-Ruminant-GI (by drraythe)
Section 3: Gastro-Intestinal 4 Physio-2-Hind-Gut-Fermentor-GI (by drraythe)
Section 4: Metabolism 1 Physio-2-Metabolism-1 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Metabolism 2 Physio-2-Metabolism-2 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Metabolism 3 Physio-2-Metabolism-3 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Endocrine 1 Physio-2-Endocrinology-1 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Endocrine 2 Physio-2-Endocrinology-2 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Endocrine 3 Physio-2-Endocrinology-3 (by drraythe)


Section 5: Endocrine 4 Physio-2-Endocrinology-4 (by drraythe)
Section 5: Endocrine 5 Physio-2-Endocrinology-5 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Repro 1 Physio-2-Repro-1 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Repro 2 Physio-2-Repro-2 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Repro 3 Physio-2-Repro-3 (by drraythe)
Section 6: Repro 4 Physio-2-Repro-4-Species-Differences (by drraythe)

Pharm 1


**Quiz 1**
Section 1: Pharmacokinetics Pharm-1-Pharmacokinetics (by drraythe)
Section 2: Pharmacodynamics Pharm-1-Pharmacodynamics (by drraythe)


Section 2: Autonomic Nervous System Pharm-1-ANS (by drraythe)
Section 2: Adrenergics Pharm-1-Adrenergics (by drraythe)
Section 2: Cholinergics Pharm-1-Cholinergics (by drraythe)
Section 3: Anesthesics & Analgesics Pharm-1-Anesthesia-Analgesia (by drraythe)
Section 3: Tranqs & Sedatives
Section 3: Muscle Relaxants


**Quiz 2**
Section 4: Pain 1 Pharm-1-Control-of-Pain-1 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Pain 2 Pharm-1-Control-of-Pain-2 (by drraythe)
Section 4: Pain 3 Pharm-1-Opioid-Charts (by drraythe)
Section 5: Local Anesthesics Pharm-1-Local-Anesthetics-Q-As (by drraythe)
Section 5: Injectable Anesthesics Pharm-1-Injectable-Anesthetics (by drraythe)
Section 5: Inhalant Anesthesics Pharm-1-Inhalant-Anesthetics (by drraythe)


**Quiz 3**
Section 6: Histamine & Serotonin Pharm-1-Histamine-Serotonin (by drraythe)
Section 7: I think you can read → Pharm-1-Hemostatics-Anticoagulants-Anti-Platelets-Finbrinolytics (by drraythe)
Section 8: Anabolic Steroids Pharm-1-Anabolic-Steroids (by drraythe)
Section 9: Anticonvulsants Pharm-1-Anticonvulsants (by drraythe)
Section 10: Behavioral Drugs Pharm-1-Behavioral-Drugs (by drraythe)
Section 11: NSAIDS 1 Pharm-1-NSAIDS (by drraythe)
Section 11: NSAIDS 2 Pharm-1-NSAIDS-Q-As (by drraythe)
Section 12: Corticosteroids Pharm-1-Corticosteroids-Q-As (by drraythe)
Section 13: Prescription Writing Pharm-1-Prescription-Writing (by drraythe)

PDx 1


Again not in any order bc the order changes a lot.


Cardiopulm Exam 1 PDx-1-Cardiopulm-Lecture (by drraythe)
Cardiopulm Exam 2 PDx-1-Cardiopulm-Handout (by drraythe)
Derm Exam 1 PDx-1-Dermatology-Lecture (by drraythe)
Derm Exam 2 PDx-1-Dermatology-Handout (by drraythe)
GI Exam PDx-1-GI-Handout (by drraythe)
Neurological Exam PDx-1-Neuro-Handout (by drraythe)
Ophtho Exam 1 PDx-1-Ophthalmology-Lecture (by drraythe)
Ophtho Exam 2 PDx-1-Ophthalmology-Handout (by drraythe)



**Quiz 1**
Section 1: Intro to Immuno Immuno-Principals (by drraythe)
Review: Quiz 1 Review Immuno-Quiz-1-Review (by drraythe)


Review: Midterm Review 1 Immuno-Midterm-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Midterm Review 2 Immuno-Midterm-2 (by drraythe)


Review: Immunodef Review Immuno-Immunodeficiencies-Review (by drraythe)
Review: Vax Review Immuno-Vaccine-Review (by drraythe)
Review: Tumor Immuno Review Immuno-Tumor-Immunity-Review (by drraythe)
Review: Autoimmuno Review Immuno-Autoimmunity-Review (by drraythe)
Review: Final Review 1 Immuno-Final-1 (by drraythe)
Review: Final Review 2 Immuno-Final-2 (by drraythe)