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MoA of Butyrophenone derivativesAntagonism at the D2 and a1 receptors
Some antihistaminergic properties
What are the indications of butyrophenone derivativesantipsychotic/calming effect in swine
sedatives in wild-life species
What are the relative receptor binding affinities of haloperidol (butryophenone derivative)D2>D1=a1>5HT
What are the 2 butryrophenone derivatives?Azaperone and Droperidol
What are the CNS effects of Azaperone?Moderate-excellent levels of sedation for restraint
Reports of paradoxical excitement in horses (IV admin only, not IM)
What are the CVS effects of AzaperoneHorse and pig: Reduction in MAP (>4hrs after admin)
Young pigs: Dec HR and CO (20-40%: caused by a reduction in systemic vascular resistance)
CV changes last longer than sedative effects
What are the Resp effects of azaperone?Generally mild effects on ventilation (clinically insignificant)
What are the MSK effects of azaperone?Reduced muscle tone
Mild ataxia compared to phenothiazines or a2-agonists
What are the miscellaneous effects of azaperone?Mild dec in body temp
decreases the incidence of halothane induced malignant hyperthermia in pigs