SGU SVM Ortho selective- Shoulder and Elbow

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Question Answer
The elbow most commonly luxates which direction? Are they common? lateral; NO
The shoulder most commonly luxatesmedial
How do luxations happentrauma
Why does the elbow luxate laterally>> medially?Anneal process keeps it from going medially and the lateral epicondyle is less developed.
Conservative treatment of elbow luxation... When is this not an option?Spica splint in extension; not an option if Fxs or severe DJD present
What is the surgical Tx of Elbow luxation?Sx and ligament reconstruction
What is TER? If it fails?Total elbow replacement; amputation
Can you arthrodese the elbow?yes but Ps don't do well- so don't
How is a closed reduction of the elbow done?Flex elbow, hook the anneal process in the fossa- use as a fulcrum
After you reduce the elbow, what is the check to test?Campbell test- Pronation 30 degrees, supination 50 degrees; compare contra elbow- ALWAYS increased after traumatic luxation
Shoulder stability comes more from the...muscles- the tendons and ligaments are puny
What is conservative Tx of medial shoulder luxation?Reduction then immobilization in FLEXION with a Velpeau sling- produces adduction of humeral head
What is conservative Tx of lateral shoulder luxationreduce and immobilize in EXTENSION with a Spica splint
What is the most common surgical Tx of Shoulder luxation? The other?Tendon transposition most common. Prosthetic surtures also but can't be used in large dogs
Describe tendon transpositionfree the biceps or supraspinatus tendon and replace more medially on humerus with a screw- changes tendon to a ligament
What is the downside of tendon transposition for shoulder luxation?Biomechanic changes can cause OA later
What is temporal fixation of the shoulder?In cases of severe instability- Sx reduce and then locking plate scapula to proximal humerus and remove later

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