SGU SVM Histology Respiratory Embryology

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Respiratory Development

Question Answer
Where does the respiratory diverticulum grow fromventral wall of foregut
What tissue layer do the larynx, trachea, boronchi, & lungs arise fromendoderm
What tissue layer do the cartilaginous & muscular components arise fromsplanchnic mesoderm
At what location does the respiratory diverticulum separate from the oesophaguslaryngotrachial groove
What structure divides the foregut into esophagus and laryngo-tracheal tubetrachea-esophageal septum
What structure do ruminants and pigs develop in addition to the lung budstracheal bronchus on right side
What is the functional unit at the end of the duct systemalveolus
Describe the change in alveoli structure before and after birthbefore- solid cords of cuboidal cells; after- hollow w/ thin alveolar epithelium
What is surfactant and what is its purposephosphor-lipoprotein; reduce surface tension
What causes onset of respirationincrease in blood CO2 after birth
What structure constricts and closes after birthductus arteriosus
How is fluid removed from the lungs after birthflow to oral cavity, evaporation, & absorption into lymphatics
What tissue begins the separation of the pleural & pericardial cavitymesenchymal tissue around common cardinal veins
What structures does the tissue around the common cardinal vein createpleuropericardial fold
What do the pleuropericardial folds create when they fusepleuropericardial septum
What does the pleuropericaridal septum form when it completely surrounds the heartpericardium


Question Answer
What is tracheal hypoplasia (stenosis)pripary defect in the cartilage
What breed does tracheal hypoplasia occur inEnglish bulldog
What is tracheo-esophageal fistulaimproper separation of caudal laryngotracheal groove
What is pulmonary hypoplasia?
What is respiratory distress syndromealveolar cells do not produce enough surfactant; lungs collapse