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What are the layers of the skinepidermis, dermis, hypodermis
What are the layers of the epidermis (inside to outside)stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, stratum corneum, stratum disjunctum
What two epidermal layers together create the stratum germinativumstratum basale & stratum spinosum
Where are melanocyts locatedstratum basale & spinosum
What kind of cells make up the stratum basalesimple cuboidla or columnar
What do the folds of the stratum basale createpapillary ridges
What kind of cells make up the stratum spinosumseveral layers of polyhedral cells w/ desmosomes
Where does stratum lucidum occurnon-hairy skin
What kind of cells make up the stratum corneumdead, keratinized cells
What process does the stratum disjunctum undergodesquamation
What are the layers of the dermispapillary & reticular
What makes up the papillary layer of the dermis (parenchyma, fibers, & cells)loose CT (areolar) w/ collagen, elastic, & reticular fibers; fibrocytes, mast cells, plasma cells, & macrophages
What makes up the reticular layer of the dermisdense irregular CT & collagen fibers
Which layer of the dermis has more ground substance and which has more fiberspapillary- ground substance; reticular- fibers
Where is there smooth muscle present in the dermisscrotum, penis, teats
Where are skeletal muscle fibers present in the dermiscutaneous turnci
What makes up the hypodermiscollagen& elastic fibers, adipose tissue
What do the adipose tissue clusters & masses of the hypodermis createpanniculus adiposus


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What areas are not covered by hairfoot-pad, hoof, glans penis
What are the structures associated with hairhair follicle, hair shaft, hair root, hair bulb, dermal papilla
What are the layers of the hair shaftcuticle, cortex, medulla
What cells make up the cutical layer of the hair shaftsimple flat keratinized cells
What cells make up the cortex layer of the hair shaftdense compact keratinized cells
What are located in the cells of the cortex layerpigment granules
What cells make up the medullacuboidal or flattened cells (with air vacuoles)
What structures make up the hair follicleinternal root sheath, external root sheath, dermal papilla, hair matrix, arrector pilli muscle, sinus/tactile hair follicles
What are the layers of the internal root sheathinternal root sheath cuticle, granular epi. layer, pale epi. layer
What cells make up the internal root sheath cuticleoverlapping keratinized cells
What cells make up the granular epithelial layer1-3 layers of keratinized cells
What is found in the cells of the granular epithelial layertrichohyaline granules
What cells make up the pale epithelial layersingle layer of keratinized cells
Describe the external root sheathsimilar to stratum spinosum, glassy membrane, CT sheath
Describe the dermal papillaCT under hair matrix, rich in vessels & nerves
What do the hair matrix cells producesoft form keratin (to form hair shaft)
What type of muscle are arrector pilli muscles and where are they connectedsmooth muscle; CT sheath & pappilary layer (of dermis)
What innervates the arrector pilli musclesautonomic nerves
What structure do tactile follicles containblood-filled sinus
What type of muscle attaches to tactile hair folliclesskeletal muscles

Sudoriferous & sebaceous glands

Question Answer
What kind of gland are sebaceous glandscompound alveolar glands
What structure are sebaceous glands associated withhair follicles
Where do sebaceous ducts emptypilosebaceous canal (or directly to skin in hairless areas)
What mode of secretion do sebaceous glands useholocrine
Where are sebaceous glands found in sheepinfraorbital, inguinal, & interdigital
Where are sebaceous glands found in dogspreputial, circumanal
What are the two modes of secretion of sudoriferous glandsapocrine & merocrine
What type of glands are apocrine sweat glandssimple coiled tubular
What type of cells line the lumen of apocrine sweat glandsflattened cuboidal to low columnar w/ myoepithelial cells
In what species are apocrein sweat glands most abundanthorses
What type of glands are merocrine sweat glandssimple tubular
Where are merocrine sweat glands found in different speciesdogs/cats- footpads; cows- planum nasolabiale; swine- carpal glands


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What type of glands are mammary glandscompound tubule-alveolar
What type of cells facilitate milk letdownmyoepithelial cells
What hormone causes milk letdownoxytocin
What are the parts of the duct systemintralobar duct, interlobular duct, lactiferous sinus, teat sinus, papillary duct
What are the epithelium types found in the duct system and whereintralobar- simple cuboidal; interlobular – stratified cuboidal; lactiferoussinus – stratifiedcuboidal; teat sinus/palillary duct- stratified squamous
What tissue contains the blood vessels and nerves of the mammary glandinterstitial connective tissue
Whatdo secretory alveoli cells contain during the secretory stage fat droplets& vesicles w/ micelles of milk protein
Where is oxytocin secreted fromhypothalamus (paraventricular nuclei)
Where is the major portion of milk accumulatedlactiferous sinus
Each gland is a single ____lobe


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What substance makes up these tough portionshard keratin
What type of structures secrete hard keratintubular and intertubular horns
What types of structures are made of hard keratinhooves, horns, claws, & nails
What are the layers of the hoof (outside in)stratum externum, stratum medium, primary lamina, secondary laminae, laminar corium, bone
What type of tissue make up the digital padshighly keratinized, hairless epidermis
What type of glands are found in the dermis of the digital padcoiled merocrine
What are the chestnut and ergot composed oftubular and intertubular horn