SGU SVM Anatomy II - Ruminant Thorax

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Describe the diaphragmatic line in the oxsteep line, 7-8th CCJ to mid-11th rib to angle of last rib
Describe the diaphragmatic line in the sheepgentle curve, 9th CCJ to middle of last rib to border of L1 transverse process
Describe the diaphragmatic line in the goatgentle curve, 6th CCJ to ventral border of last rib
Describe the mediastinum of different speciesThick & intact - ox & goat, occasional opening - sheep, weak- horse & dog
What structure is located at the cranial limit of the pleural sacscupula pleurae
In ruminants, which cupula pleurae can extend past the 1st ribright sac
Where is a thoracocentesis performed in ruminantsmid 6th or 7th ICS in costomediastinal recess, close to CCJ
At what intercostal space is a thoracocentesis perfomred on a horse7th ICS


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What species have well lobated lungsruminants & pigs
What are the lobes of the right lung of a ruminantcranio-cranial, caudo-cranial, middle, caudal, & accessory
Which bovine/swine lung lobe has a tracheal bronchusright cranial
Where is the accessory lung lobe locatedmediastinal recess
What specie(s) have a divided left cranial lung loberuminants & pigs
What are the borders of the bovine lungbasal edge- 6th CCJ to epaxial muscles at 11th ICS
Where are the left and right cardiac notches located in the ruminantleft - 3rd to 5th ICS; right- 3rd and 4th ICS


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Azygos veins are unique because they are _____ and drain ___ veins & ____ veinsvalveless, lumbar, dorsal intercostal
Describe the azygos vein in the ruminant and pigleft fully developed, possible right hemi-azygos vein
Describe the azygos vein of the sheep and goatright fully developed (if present)
Describe the position of the ruminant heartvertical, ribs 3-6, apex inclined to the left
Describe the location of the cardiac field in the ruminantleft side, 3-5th ICS
What are ossa cordis and where are they found in the bovine heartossified cartilage cords around the aorta and aortic valve
Name the sulci and their location in the bovine heartparaconal- left, subsinuosal- right caudal, intermediate- left caudal surface
What attaches the pericardium to the sternum in ruminants and horses2 sternopericardiac ligaments
Where are pericardiocentesis performed on ruminantsleft side, 4th ICS at CCJ
Name the heart valve positions in he ruminantPulmonary- left 3rd ICS, aortic- left 4th ICS, mitral- left 5th ICS, tricuspid- right 4th ICS
Describe the ascending aorta in the cow and horseonly brachiocephalic trunk runs cranially
Describe the ruminant blood supply to the heartsingle type coronary blood supply, left coronary artery is largest
Describe the blood supply to the heart of horses and pigsright coronary artery is largest


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Name the lymphocenters of the bovinedorsal thoracic, ventral thoracic, mediastinal, bronchial
Name the dorsal thoracic lymph nodesintercostal, thoracic aortic (variable)
Name the ventral thoracic lymph nodescranial sternal, caudal sternal
Name the mediastinal lymph nodes and species differencescranial - large in ox; middle- absent in pig; caudal- unpaired, large in ruminant
Name the bronchial lymph nodes and species differencesleft tracheobronchial, right tracheobronchial- absent in sheep, middle tracheobronchial- absent in sheep, cranial tracheobronchial- ruminants and pigs
What structures does an enlarged left tracheobronchial ln press onleft recurrent laryngeal nerve & aorta
What structures does an enlarged caudal mediastinal ln press onesophagus & vagal trunks
What lymph nodes are examined at meat inspectionleft/right middle & cranial tracheobroncheal lnn, pulmonary lnn, all mediastinal lnn, thoracic aortic lnn.

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