SGU SVM Anatomy II - Ruminant Skin

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Question Answer
What are the differences between canine and bovine skinSkin is thicker, subcutis is firmer and less mobile
What are other names for the subcutishypodermis & superficial fascia
What surfaces of the body have thicker skinextensor surfaces of limbs & lateral surfaces of trunk
What are the areas of major skin thicknessdewlap (cow), ventral neck (pig), dorsal tail (horse)
What is the accumulation of fat in the subcutis calledpanniculus adiposus
What are sites of fat depositscrest of neck (stallion), hump (zebu), tail (some sheep)
What species can have wattles (tassels)goats (rare in sheep/pigs)
What feature can be used to distinguish sheep from goatscutaneous sinuses
Where are cutaneous sinuses foundinfraorbital, inguinal, interdigital
What glands do all mammals havepreputial & mamary
What gland are unique to goats & where are they locatedsubcaudal glands; base of tail
What glands do carnivores have (and where)caudal glands; dorsal root of tail
What structure do horns develop fromcornual process of frontal bone

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