SGU SVM Anatomy II - Ruminant Abdomen (Part 1)

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Where is the paralumbar fossa foundbetween last rib and tuber coxae
What muscles are found in the superficial fascia of the trunkcranial and caudal preputial mm.
What is the deep fascia of the trunk known asyellow abdominal tunic or tunica flava abdominis
What muscles does the deep fascia coverexternal & internal abdominal obliques, external surface of transvers abdominal & rectus abdominis
What is the purpose of the yellow abdominal tunichelps support abdominal muscles to support the bulk of the abdominal organs
Where are the subiliac lymph nodes locatedcranial border of tensor fascia latae
On which side would you trocharize a cowleft (direct contact between rumen and abdominal wall)


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What is nerve T13 called and what does it supplycostoabdominal, preputal skin & mucous membranes
Where is the dorsal cutaneous n. located and what does it supplybetween the longissimus & iliocostalis, skin of dorsal abdomen
What do the ventral branches of the lumbar spinal n. supplydorsolateral abdominal wall
What are the two types of paravertebral nerve blocks and where are they performedFarquharson- proximal to spine; Magda- distal to spine
Where is nerve T13 blockedbelow tip of L1 transverse process
Where is nerve L1 blockedbelow tip of L2 transverse process
Where is nerve L2 blockedventral to tip of L4
Where is does nerve L3 runrunning caudally next to vertebral bodies (Farquharson block only)
Which nerves innervate the prepuceL2, L3, L4, middle preputial
Which nerves supply the skin of the cranial udderL1 & L2
What nerve supplies the skin of the middle udder and glandular tissueL3


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What are the left and right surfaces of the rumen calledleft - parietal; right - visceral
What ruminal grooves divide the rumen into dorsal and ventral sacsL & R longitudinal grooves
What cranial ruminal grooves run dorsally from the longitudinal groovesL & R accessory grooves
Which Accessory groove is poorly developedRight
Which ruminal grooves continue dividing the rumen between the longitudinal groovescranial & caudal transverse grooves
What ruminal grooves demarcate the caudal blind sacsL & R, dorsal & ventral coronary grooves
What ruminal groove separates the rumen and reticulum (cranially)ruminoreticular groove
What ruminal grooves create the insular ruminis (on what side)Right side - longitudinal & accessory grooves
What are the cranial portions of the dorsal and ventral sacs calledcranial dorsal sac - atrium ruminis; cranial ventral sac- recessus ruminis
What are ruminal grooves called internallypillars or columns
What is unique about the surface of pillarsno papillae
Which ruminal groove does not have a coresponding pillar (and what does it have instead)ruminoreticular groove - has ruminoreticular fold instead (with papillae)
What is the opening between the dorsal and ventral ruminal sacsintraruminal ostium
What is the opening between the rumen and reticulumruminoreticular ostium


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Where do you perform a trocarization on a cowcentral paralumbar fossa
What is a healthy frequency of ruminal contractions on auscultation2 times per 2-3 minutes
Describe the attachments of the superficial omental leaf (cow)ventral border of descending duodenum --> ventrally & left --> L atrium ruminis & L longitudinal groove
Describe the attachments of the deep omental leaf (cow) L atrium ruminis & L longitudinal groove --> ventral border of rumen --> R longitudinal groove & r atrium ruminis --> ventral surface of descending duodenum
What is the space between the deep and superficial omental leaves calledomental bursa
What is the space dorsal to the deep leaf (in the peritoneal cavity) calledsupraomental recess
What structures lie in the supraomental recessintestines, uterus (late pregnancy)


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Where does the lesser omentum lie (cow)lesser curvature of abomasum --> neck of omasum --> visceral surface of liver
Where is the reticulum locatedcranially
What are the surfaces of the reticulumdiaphragmatic & visceral
What are the parts of the reticulum (3)fundus, reticulo-omasal osteum, reticular grove
How is the mucosa of the reticulum arranged'honeycombed' reticular cells with conical reticular papillae
Where does the gastric groove begin/endcardia of esophagus to pylorus of abomasum
What are the parts of the gastric groove (in order)reticular groove - omasal groove - abomasal groove
What is the purpose of the gastric groovebypassing of milk to the abomasum I calves
Where does the reticular groove begin/endcardia to reticulo-omasal orifice
What are the parts of the reticular groovefloor & L/R lips
At what rib location do you find the site of hardware disease7th rib / 6th ICS
What structures meet and create the conditions for hardware diseasecranial border of reticulum & caudal border of heart (diaphragm between)


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On what side of the body is the omasum foundright
What structure covers the omasumlesser omentum
What pillar is located at the omaso-abomasal orificetransverse omasal pillar
What guards the omaso-abomasal openingabomasal vela
How is the mucosa of the omasum arrangedomasal laminae (leaves) with interlaminar recesses
What kind of papillae are found on omasal laminaeunguiculiform papillae
How many omasal laminae are found in the sheep and how many in the oxsheep-90 ox-100
Where is the omasal groove located in the omasumat the base
What are the parts of the abomasumfundus, body, greater/lesser curvatures, pylorus
How is the mucosa arranged in the abomasumoblique abomasal folds (funds & body)
What structures regulate flow into duodenumtorus pyloricus & pyloric sphincter
What other species has a torus pyloricusPigs


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Describe the GI differences between browsers and grazersgrazer- larger fore-stomach, larger liver, bulkier intestines, more ruminal papillae, larger cecum/ascending colon
Where does the pig stomach lie in the abdomento the left
Describe the pig stomachlarge, contact with abdominal wall on BOTH sides (when full)
What is the structure below the esophageal opening in the pic stomach diverticulum ventriculi
Where are small intestines located in the abdomento the right, supraometal recess