SGU SVM Anatomy I Male Urogenital

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What are the two parts of the male urethrapelvic & penile urethra
Where does the pelvic urethra extend tou. bladder to ischial arch
What accessory sex gland surrounds the urethra (dog)prostate
Where do the ductus deferens and prostate open into the urethracolliculus seminalis
What are the regions of the penisroot, body, glans (free part)
What makes up the root of the peniscrus & bulb
What are the two portions of the glansbulbus glandis & pars longa glandis


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What are the extrensic muscles of the penisIschiocavernosus, bulbospongiosus, retractor penis mm., ischiourethralis
Which extrinsic muscle of the penis is involuntaryretractor penis mm
What are the two erectile tissue of the peniscorpus spongiosum penis & corpus cavemosum penis
Which erectile tissue is pairedcopus cavemosum
Where is the corpus spongiosum locatedbulb of root, surrounding urethra
Where is the corpus cavemosum located: at root, attached to ischial arch
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What surrounds the corpus cavemosumtunica albuginea
Where is the corpus spongiosum glandis locatedsurrounds glans
What do the paired corpus cavemosum penis make upcrura
What is the bulb of the penis calledbubus penis
Describe the body of the penisthinner, bilaterally compressed
What is the tunica albuginea made up ofcollagenous & elastic fibers
What part of the penis does the tunica albuginea not covercorpus spongiosum penis (enlarges)
What is the bulbus glandis an expansion ofcorpus spongiosum
What structure does the bulbus glandis containlarge venous sinuses
What part of the penis does the bulbus glandis surroundproximal 1/3
What are the parts of the os penis of the dogbase, body, apex, urethral groove, fibrocartilage
What surface of the cat penis is the urethral surfacedorsal
What additional part of the penis does the cat haveglans penis – keratinized spines
What causes ventral deflection of the cat penisapical ligament
What does the apical ligament connect toos penis & corpus cavernosum penis
What is the prepuceskin fold covering glans when retracted
What are the parts of the prepucelamina externa, lamina interna, preputal orifice
What is located in the prepuce of the doglymphoid tissue & preputial glands


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What divides the scrotal sac internally and externallyinternal- scrotal septum; external- scrotal raphe
What lies within the scrotumtestis, epididymis, spermatic cord
What are the layers of the scrotumouter skin & inner tunica dartos
What makes up the tunica dartossmooth muscle
What suspends the testis in the scrotal sacspermatic cord
What does the proper ligament of the testes connecttail of epididimus and testicular tissue
What are the parts of the epididymishead, body, tail
Where are the parts of the epididymis located in the dogtail- caudal end, head- cranial end, overall- dorsal lateral
Where are the parts of the epididymis located in the cattail- caudo-dorsal, head- cranial- ventral, overall- cranio-dorsal lateral

Inguinal canal

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What structures pass though the inguinal canal in the malespermatic cord, external pudendal a./v., genitofermoral nerve
What structures pass though the inguinal canal in the femalevaginal process, external pudendal a./v., genitofemoral nerve
What structures form the borders of the deep inguinal ringcaudal- inguinal ligament, cranial- internal abdominal oblique, median- rectus abdominus
What is the vaginal ringinvagination of parietal peritoneum
What creates the vaginal ringtesticular descent
What is the action and location of the cremaster muscle: movement of testicles away from body wall; along spermatic cord

Blood supply

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What artery supplies the testistesticular a.
What artery supplies the scrotal wallexternal pudendal a.
What artery supplies the prostate & pelvic urethraprostatic a.
What arteries supply the penisdorsal a. of penis, deep a. of penis, a. of bulb OP
What artery supplies the pars longa glandis & prepuceexternal pudendal
What nerves supply the penispelvic n. & paired pudendal nn.
What plexuses supply the penispelvic & sacral
What nerve provides sympathetic innervations to the penishypogastric n.
What actions does the hyogastric n. controlejaculation & prostatic secretion

Blood supply (pelvic cavity)

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What are the branches of the external iliac aafemoral & deep femoral
What is the branch of the deep femoral a.pudendo-epigastric trunk
What are the branches of the pudendo-epigastric trunkcaudal epigastric & external pudendal
What is the branch of the external pudendal a.caudal superficial epigastric
What a. supplies the caudoventral abdominal wallcaudal epigastric a.
What a. supplies the scrotum, prepuce, & pars longacaudal superficial epigastric
What are the branches of the internal iliac aa.umbilical, caudal gluteal, internal pudendal
What are the branches of the caudal gluteal a.iliolumbar, cranial gluteal
What are the branghes of the internal pudendalvaginal/prostatic a., artery of penis/clitoris, ventral perineal a.