SGU SVM Anatomy I Female Urogenital

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Female genitalia

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What are the parts of the female genitaliaovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina, vestibule, vulva
What are the two parts of the uterusuterine horns & body
What are the two functions of the ovariesgametogenisis & hormone production
Which ovary is located more craniallyright ovary (same as kidney)
What can cause porjections on the surface of the ovariesgraafian follicles
What mesentery suspends the ovariesmesovarium
What attaches the ovary to the last ribsusepnsory ligament
What ligament attaches to the uterine hornproper ligament
What forms the ovarian bursadistal mesovarium & mesosalpinx
How does the ovarian bursa cover the ovary in dogs and in catsdog- surrounds entire ovary with slit opening; cat- lateral surface

Uterine tube/Uterine horns/Uterus

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What are over names for the uterine tubeoviduct & salpinx
What is the purpose of the uterine tubesite of fertilization & carries mature ovum (to uterine horn)
What are the two openings into the uterine tubeabdominal ostium & uterine ostium
What are the three regions of the uterine tube (proximal to terminal)infundibulum, ampulla, & isthumus
What are the projections in the infundibulumfimbria
What is the opening of the uterine horn called in the bitchuterine papilla
What is the purpose of the uterussite of implantation
What type of uterus do domestic animals havebicornuate
What are the layers of the uterine wall composed ofmucosa- endometrium; muscularis- myometrium; serosa- perimetrium
The uterine horns are longer in _____animalspolytocous
Describe the wall of the cervix uteri (as compared to other regionsof the genital system)narrowest lumen & thickest wall
Lis the structures of the cervix (outside in)vaginal portion, fornix vagina, external ostium, cervical canal, internal ostium
What makes up the broad ligament of the uterusmesovarium, mesosalpinx,& mesometrium
Where is the round ligament of the uterus locatedfrom tip of uterus though vaginal ring
What structure does the round ligament of the uterus formvaginal process

Vagina/Vestibule/Accessory organs

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The vagina and vestibule form thecopulatory organs & birth canal
Where is the external urethral opening locatedjunction of vagina & vestibule
What are the borders of the vestibuleexternal urethral opening to vulval cleft
What species has a longer vestibulecat
What are the accessory sex glands located in the vestibule ( dog & cat)dog-minor vestibular glands; cat – minor & major vestibular glands
What are dark patches on the mucosa of the vestibulevestibular bulbs
What are vestibular bulbsvenous concentration for erectile tissue
What structures make up the vulvavulvar lips& vulvar cleft
What do the vulvar lips formvulvar commissures
The dorsal volvar commissure is ____ & the ventral vulvarcommissure is ____rounded, pointed
Where does the clitoris lieclitoral fossa (at ventral commisure)
What are the parts of the clitorisroot, body, head


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What is the term for the external genital organs (esp. female)Pudenda
What are the arteries supplying the female sex organsovarian artery, vaginal artery  uterine artery
What veins drain the female sex organsovarian vein (left drains to renal vein), vaginal vein  uterine vein
What arteries supply the external genitaliavaginal artery, internal/external pudendal arteries
What veins supply the external genitaliadorsal vein of clitoris, internal/external pudendal veins
What part of the female reproductive tract is retroperitonealportion of vagina
What structures are found in the pelvic retregion of the peritoneal cavitypararecta fossae, rectogenital pouch, genitovesicular pouch, pubo-vesicular pouch
What muscles are associated with the vestibule, vulva, and clitorisconstrictor vestibule m., constrictor vulvae m., retractor clitoridis m. (smooth), ischiourethralis m., ischiocavernosus m.
What muscles are associated with ‘tying’ during matingconstrictor vestibule & constrictor vulvae
What nerves supply the external genitaliahypogastric, pelvic, pudendal

Urinary system

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What is the muscle make up of the urethrawall- inner/outer longitudinal & middle circular smooth muscle; sphincter- striated muscle
Where does the urethra begin and endurinary bladder to vestibule
What is the opening into the vestibule calledexternal urethral orifice
Where does the urethra lie in the pelvic cavityon the floor


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What are the three parts of the mammaglandular complex, papilla (nipple), lactiferous sinus
What are the male remnants of the mammaemammae musculina
How many mammae do dogs haveaverage 10 (8-12)
How are the mamma namedcranial/caudal thoracic, cranial/caudal abdominal, inguinal, & abdominal (cat)
What structure make up the papillary part of the mammaeteat sinus, teat duct, teat ostium
What structures lies in the glandular part of the mammaegland sinus
List the pathway of secretions though the mammaelactiferous ducts, gland sinus, teat sinus, teat canal, teat orifice