SGU SVM Anatomy I Cardiovascular System

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Define cardiologystudy of the heart and its diseases
Define angiologystudy of the blood vessels and their disorders
The heart is what % of body weight0.7%


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What are the 3 layers of the pericardiumvisceral (epicardium), parietal, fibrous
What lies between the visceral and parietal layerspericardial cavity
What does the pericardial cavity containserous fluid
What is the parietal pericardium attached tomediastinumn (via fibrous layer)
What structures does the fibrous pericardium form at the apex of the heartphrenico-pericardiac ligament
What does the fibrous pericardium become at the base of the hearttunica adventitia of the great vessels

The Heart

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Where is the heart located3rd to 6th rib, slightly on left
What are the two attachments of the heartgreat vessels and phrenico-percardiac ligament
What is unique about cat heart location3rd to 6th/7th rib, more acute long axis, more sternal contact
Which side of the thorax has more pronounced heart soundsLeft (thinner lung tissue)
Which side of the thorax is the cardiac notch located onright
What are the blind sacs of the atria calledauricles
What are the two margins of the atriacrenate, serrated


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What externally seperates the atria and ventriclescoronary groove
What is the structure created by the right ventricle at the beginning of the pulmonary trunkconus arteriosus
What demarcates the seperation of the ventricles form one anotherinterventricular groove
What are the two interventricular grooves and what side are they located onsubsinuosal, right; paraconal, left
What internally seperates the atria and ventriclesatrio-venticular opening w/ valve
What internally sperates the atria from one anotherinter-atrial septum
What internally seperates the ventricles from one anotherinterventricular septum
What are the three layers of the heart wallendocardium, myocardium, epicardium
What are five structues of the right atriumaruicle, coronary sinus, intervenous tubercle, fossa ovalis, pectinate muscles
What valve seperates the right atrium and ventricletricuspid valve
What are the three structues in the right ventriclecordae tendineae, papillary muscles, trabacula septomarginalis
The right ventricle is ______ shaped in transverse sectioncrescent
The left ventricle is ______ shaped in transverse sectioncircular
What valve seperates the left atrium and ventriclebicuspid valve (mitral)
How many cusps does the semilunar valve havethree semilunar cusps


Blood/Nerve Supply
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What is the ligamentum arteriosuma remnant of the ductus arteriosus, attaches the aorta and the pulmonary artery
Where do the coronary arteries arise frombulb of arota
Which coronary artery is largerleft
What are the branches of the left coronary arteryparaconial interventricular branch; septal branch; circumflex branch --> subsinuosal interventricular branch
Where does the great coronary vein empty intocoronary sinus of right atrium
What are the two ganglia of the sympathetic system that innervate the heartstellate (cervicothoracic) & middle cervical
What nerves of the parasympathetic system innervate the heart and at what structuresright vagus - sinoatrial node, left vagus - AV node


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What are the three layers of an arterytunica interna, tunica media, tunica adventitia
What are the layers of the artery and what are they composed ofT. interna - endothelium & sub-endothelial CT; T. media - SM w/ elastic tissue; T. adventitia - fibro-areolar tissue
How are arteries classifiedwall thickness, elasticity, size
What are the three classes of arteriesartery, arteriole, capillary
Which class of artery is the most elasticarteries
Which class of artery is a terninal divisionarteriole
Compare the lumen of the artery and veinlumen of vein is wider
Veins have _____ (thinner/thicker) walls and are ______ (less/more) elasticthinner, less
What internal structure do veins havevalves
What kind of valves do veins havesemilunar (three cusps)


Know anatomy lab info: branches off aorta, brachiocephalic trunk, subclavians, common carotids,


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List the subclavian arteriescostocervical, vertebral, suberficial cervical, internal thoracic
What arteries branch from the internal thoracicventral intercostal arteries
What do the costocervical arteries supplypart of neck and thoracic wall
What do the vertebral arteries supplycervical vertebrae
What are the visceral branches of the thoracic aortaleft & right broncho-esophaial arteries
Which intercostal arteries do the broncho-esophagial artires stem fromleft - 7th ICA, right - 5th ICA
What are the parietal branches of the thoracic aortadorsal intercostal arteries, dorsal costoabdominal arteries
Where does the abdominal aora pass through the diaphragmaortic hiatus
Which side of midline does the abdominal aorta and caudal vena cava lieaorta - slight left; caudal vena cava - slightly right
What are the visceral branches of the abdominal arteryceliac artery, cranial mesenteric artery, renal arteries, ovarian/testicular arteries, caudal mesenteric artery
What does the celiac artery supplymajor part of abdominal viscera, liver, splean, stomach
What does the cranial mesenteric artery supplysmall intestine, major part of large intestine
Are the renal arteries functional or nutritionalboth
What does the caudal mesenteric artery supplycaudal large entestine, descending colon, rectum
What are the parietal branches of the abdominal aortaphrenico-abdominal arteries, lumbar arteries, deep circumflex iliac arteries, exteral illiac arteries, internal iliac arteries, median sacral artery
Which two branches of the abdominalaorta are terminalinternal iliac arteries & medialsacral artery
What do the phrenico-abdominal arteries supplyabdominal wall & diaphragm
What do the lumbar arteries supplylumbar vertebrae and muscles
What do the deep cercumflex iliac arteries supplyouter pelvis and abdominal wall
What do the external iliac arteries supplypelvic limb, mamma, scrotum, ventral abdominal wall
What do the internal iliac arteries supplypelvic muslces, pelvic viscera, buttock region
What does the median sacral artery supplysacral vertebrae, caudal vertebrae, tail
Where is a thoracocentesis performed on the dog and catdog - 6th to 8th ICS; cat - 5th to 6th ICS
Where is a pericardiocentesis performed on the dog and catdog - right 5th or 6th ICS; cat - right 5th ICS


Heart Conditions
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What is congestive heart failureinabiligy to pump enough blood
What valve is most commonly affected by chronic valvular diseasemitral valve
What is myocardial diseaseweakness or thickening of the heart muscle
What is an arrhythmiadisturbances in the rhythm
What are symptoms of pericardial diseasepericardial effusion, hemopericardium
What are three commoncongenital anomaliesatrial septal disease, patent foramen ovale, patent ductus arteriosus