Sexual ethics

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Who believed humans should refrain from sex and live ascetically?Pythagoreans
Who gave the analogy of the charioteer?Plato
Who believed we should not control sexual desire and were happy to do it in public, and who strongly disagrees?The Cynics, and the Stoics.
What is important to remember about the Old Testament and sexual ethics?It does not have any one view.
Which part of the Bible seemingly justifies incestuous rape in extreme circumstances, and what does it show to be dangerous?Genesis 19, and viewing sex as solely for procreation and not pleasure.
Where in the Bible is sexual activity with non-Israelites forbidden?1 Kings 11
What percentage of Jews nowadays marry a person from another religion?58%
Why were women expected to be virgins in the Old Testament?So the man knew his apparent children were his and his line was assured.
Why is Jesus's assertion in Mark 10 progressive?It does not view women as property.
What did Paul say about prostitution?That whoever has a sex with a prostitute becomes one with her body, for "the two will become one flesh":
Who did Paul say about marriage?It should only be pursued by people with no self-control.
What did Paul attempt to encourage Christians to do, and by whom was he perhaps influenced?Favour the soul in place of the body, and Plato.


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Why did Augustine of Hippo's views stand out in his era?They were remarkably liberal.
Which religion taught extreme dualism and a total pessimism about sexuality?Zoroastrianism.
What did Augustine call sex?'A necessary evil'.
How was Augustine's personal sexual life?He had many extramarital affairs before his conversion.
For what did Augustine say the devil used women?To lead men from reason.
What did Augustine have to say about Adam and Eve?They only experienced sexual pleasure after The Fall.
Why was Augustine different to Pelagius?He believed the will could not control sexual desire.


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In his theory, what did Thomas Aquinas try to unite?Aristotle and Christian theology.
In which two ways can a sexual act be wrong, according to Aquinas?If the 'act is incompatible with the purpose of the act' and if 'conflict with right reason may arise with respect to the other party'.
To what approach does the categorical imperative generally lend?A conservative approach.
What would a husband have to accept if he committed adultery?His wife, children and parents doing the same.
Why would Kant disagree with homosexuality, and with which sexuality would he also implicitly disagree?It could not be universalised, and asexuality.
Why can people have sex within marriage, according to Kant?Because marriage is a contract regarding reciprocal rights.
To Kant, what is the purpose of marriage?To unite two people.
How might a Kantian be liberal?They might advocate for safer regulations regarding prostitutes so they are not abused as objects of appetite.
What common means of sexual gratification would Kantians oppose?Pornography.


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What is an implication of utilitarianism?That cheating is justified in secret.
Why might utilitarianism be suggested to be superior to a contractarian approach?It would not allow an unhealthy power dynamic in a marriage.
What was Bentham's Becker-esque stance?A relationship could cause unhappiness in society by, for instance, undermining marriage.
To what did John Stuart Mill allude that was more worthy of pursuing than sexual pleasure?Higher intellectual pleasures.
To a utilitarian, what would happen if homosexuality were the norm, and with whom would they be disagreeing here?Society would be harmed, and Jill Johnston.
What principle is related to the recognition that an affair might cause short-term pleasure but long-term misery?The harm principle.
What two kinds of sex would be approved by Virtue Ethicists?Sex that furthers commitment and sex that is not selfish.
Who outlines three types of care in relationships?Michael Slote.
What are the types of care in a relationship?Intimate care, humanitarian care and self-care.
On what does Freud say people's approach to sex is based?Upbringing.
In what particular way does Freud differ from Aquinas?He believes acting in accordance with our nature is not moral.


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Who said sex is so meaningful it can only be realised within a continuous relationship, and what two types did he allow?Jack Domininian, and a homosexual and extramarital relationship.
What part of the New Testament conveys that homosexual relationships are acceptable?Its spirit.
What scientific question is also asked by Christians about homosexuality?Whether a 'gay gene' exists.
What might the two Greek words traditionally translated as 'homosexual' mean?'Loose-living person' or 'prostitute'.
Which edition of the Bible has removed references from Paul to homosexuality?The New Revised Standard Edition.
Where is the story of Sodom in the Bible?Genesis 19.
What could it be suggested the Story of Sodom concerns, as opposed to homosexuality?Hospitality.
What concept underlied the passages on homosexuality in the Bible, and what is another part of it?The pure form of a man and woman, and men not shaving.
Where in the Bible is the story of Onan?Genesis 38.
What was Onan's action commonly thought of as a misdeed, and what was his actual misdeed respectively?The avoidance of pregnancy, and the avoidance of producing an heir by his dead brother's wife.
Which Catholic allowed the use of the rhythm method?Pope Paul VI.
Which council said contraception was an intrinsic evil?The Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family.
Which Catholic document asserted the primacy of conscience in making ethical decisions, and by whom was it written?The Winnipeg Statement, and The Canadian Catholic Bishops' Conference.
What could be alleged to be an inconsistency in the Catholic Church's teachings?It favours the rhythm method but not contraception.
What does Catholic teaching not address in regards to contraception?Whether condoms can be used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
What was the turning point in the Protestants' view of birth control, and when did it occur?The Lambeth Conference, and 1930.
What type of contraception do many Protestants reject?Abortifacient contraception.