Sex det cascades

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Question Answer
Which exon is reg in Sxl- wat occurs in each gender3 inc in males and exc in fem
How do we know that Spf45 and UAF35 bind at thier respective sitesX linking
How do we know spf45 is important to Sxl splicingDepletion in vivo_ vitro causes selection of the downstream site (male pattern)
How do Spf45 and Sxl interact?Through NTD of Sxl - mutants inhibit splicing pattenr of feamles
What completes the trimer at the two doublesex sites RBP1 @ 13mer repat and SFL @ DRE
How does Tra effect splicingEnhances affinity of heterodimer for splicing enhancer sequence
What is special about 13mer repeatsThey show functional cooperativity- altugh not between sites
How is the cooperativity @ Dsx evidenced?Why does it occurCooperative response to Tra1/2 concentration which is not dep on site number. At saturating concentrations effect is addivitve a/o synergisitc . Single molecular target?
What is the splice which occurs at DsxDefault 3-5 due to a weak exon 4 PPT (if enhanced by extension becomes constiuitive) 4 activated in females
How does Sxl differ from Tra reg?Tighter regulation and a bistable switch fored. Achieved by binding distally to SSs.