Set 6 - Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance - MH

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Question Answer
The father of genetics is_____.Gregor Mendel
Mendel studied the inheritance of ___________ in the garden pea.seed size, seed color, and flower size
According to the blending theory of inheritance, a cross between plants with red flowers and plants with white flowers would yield only _____.plants with pink flowers
Mendel's true-breeding pea plants were created by _____.self-pollination
When an organism has two different alleles at a gene locus, it is referred to as _____.heterozygous
The allele that is expressed in a heterozygous organism is the _____ allele.dominant
The word __________ refers to the alleles an individual receives at fertilization.genotype
When Mendel crossed a true-breeding tall plant with a true-breeding short plant the offspring were _____.100% tall
The product of a cross between two different strains that differ in regard to only one trait is known as a _____.hybrid
When Mendel crossed the hybrids (F1 generation) _____.3/4 of the plants were tall, 1/4 of the plants were short
Mendel's law of segregation states _____.1. factors for each trait separate during gamete formation 2. organisms have two factors for each trait
A cross between two hybrids results in a _____ phenotypic ratio.3:1
Each physical trait is controlled by _____ allele(s).two
Mendel's true-breeding short plants in the P generation were _____.homozygous recessive
There is only one allele for each trait in the gametes because _____.the homologous chromosomes separate during meiosis I
The recessive phenotype is displayed by organisms which are _____.homozygous recessive
Each gamete has only one allele for each trait because gametes are always _____.haploid
A heterozygous (for one trait) organism can produce ______.two types of gametes
Mendel relied heavily on his knowledge of ____ to interpret the results of his experiments.statistics
The probable results of a genetic cross can be determined by using _____.Punnett square &.the laws of probability
Mendel crossed his F1 generation tall plants with true-breeding, short plants. The results were a __________ phenotypic ratio.1:1
If an individual with the dominant phenotype is crossed with an individual with the recessive phenotype and all the offspring have the dominant phenotype, it would be concluded that the individual with the dominant phenotype is _____.homozygous dominant
A cross in which true-breeding plants differ in two traits is known as a __________ cross.dihybrid
In dihybrid genetics problems, the individual has _____ allele(s).four
Huntington disease leads to _____.Degeneration of brain cells, severe muscle spasms, and personality disorders
The pattern of inheritance for a particular condition is shown by a _____.pedigree chart
In a pedigree chart _____.a line between a circle and a square represents a union
Parents that appear to be normal but are capable of having a child with a genetic disorder are _____.carriers
Parents who are both carriers for an autosomal recessive disorder have a _____ chance of having a child with the disorder.25%
The most common lethal genetic disorder among Caucasians in the US is _____.cystic fibrosis
Cystic fibrosis is characterized by _____.thick and viscous mucus in the bronchial tubes, an average life expectancy of 17-28 years of age, and failure of the chloride ions to pass through plasma membrane channel proteins
Tays Sachs disease usually occurs in _____.Jewish people of central and eastern European descent
Diet soft drinks have a warning on them that applies specifically to individuals who have _____.phenylketonuria
The frequency of the phenotypes of traits controlled by _____ follows a bell-shaped curve.polygenic inheritance
If a man with blood type A has a child with blood type O, the father's genotype must be _____.AO
The allele for sickle cell is more commonly found in _____.African-American people
Genetic counseling relies on _____.pedigree charts, blood tests for faulty enzymes, and chromosomal tests
In _____, genes at two different loci interact to control a single trait.epistasis
Albinism is the result of _____.epistasis
More than two possible phenotypes for a particular trait can be attributed to inheritance by _____.multiple alleles
Blood type in humans is controlled by _____ allele(s).3
When there is a range of phenotypes, the inheritance is _____.polygenic
When individuals make an abnormal form of the extracellular matrix protein, fibrillin, which affects many other traits, the inheritance is the result of ______.pleiotropy
Height in humans is affected by _____.polygenic inheritance & environmental effects such as nutrition