Set 6 - Chapter 10 - Organ Systems - Part 4 - Princeton

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Progesterone is secreted during the __________________ phase of the ovarian cycle.luteal
Sperm are produced in the__________________seminiferous tubules
The ovary is controlled by__________________from the anterior pituitary, and it secretes __________________ that affect the uterus.FSH, estrogen
_________________ prolongs the life of the corpus luteum if fertilization and implantation occur.hcG
The_________________is a large duct that conducts sperm from the testes to the urethra.vas deferens
A surge in_________________causes ovulation.LH
The remnants of a follicle after ovulation become the_________________corpus luteum
_________________causes the uterine lining to grow during the proliferative phase.Estrogen
_________________is a nourishing fluid that carries sperm. It is secreted by glands in the male reproductive system.Semen
Estrogen causes growth of the uterine lining during the_________________phase of the uterine cycle.proliferative
What is the lining of the uterus called?Endometrium
Fertilization takes place in the_________________fallopian tube
The developmental stage marked by a series of rapid mitotic divisions is called_________________cleavage
The human eye develops from_________________ectoderm
Blood vessels develop from_________________mesoderm
The first eight weeks of development are called the_________________embryonic stage
The membrane that most directly surrounds the embryo is the_________________amnion
Organogenesis occurs during_________________neurulation
Implantation occurs_________________cleavage.after
A blastocyst forms_________________a morula.after
Neurulation occurs_________________the fetal stage.before
The _________________________ is the region at the top of the sperm that contains digestive enzymes to help the sperm penetrate the ovum.acrosome
The nervous system develops from _________________________ ectoderm
The kidneys develop from _________________________ mesoderm

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