Set 4 - Animal Behavior - Review - Chapter 18 - Barron's

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Described the waggle dance in honeybeesKarl Von Frisch
ImprintingKonrad Lorenz
Trained dogs to salivate at the sound of a bellIvan Pavlov
Classical conditioningIvan Pavlov
Taught rats in cages to depress a lever to release food B.F. Skinner
Baby geese followed him everywhere Konrad Lorenz
Explained fixed action patternNiko Tinberg
Innate, highly stereotypical behavior that must continue until it is completedfixed action pattern
Trial and error learningoperant condition
Sequence of behaviors that is unchangeable and carried to completion once initiated fixed action pattern
Initially, the amoeba moved away from the strong light; but after a while, it resumed its normal movement pattern habituation
This is the way dogs are trainedclassical conditioning
A sophisticated process in which the responses of the organisms are modified as a result of experience is calledlearning
This behavior reduces an individual's reproductive fitness while increasing the fitness of the familyaltruism
You want to train your puppy to wait at the curb you tell him to cross the road. your friend advies you to giv your dog a treat every time he does as you as. your friend is advising that you train the dog usingoperant condition
________ is learning that occurs during a sensitive or critical period in early life and is irreversible for the length of the periodimprinting
"Mary had a little lamb; its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go." The behavior of the lamb is best described asimprinting
Fixed action patterns are initiated by external stimuli calledsign stimuli
Animals that help other animals are expected to berelated to animals they help
An animal that sacrifices itself for its relatives is exhibitingkin selection

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