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__________ is a learned behavior that happens to ducklings in the first few days of their lives.Imprinting
An inherited behavior such as a fixed-action pattern is said to be __________.innate
An instinctive behavior pattern among a group of chickens.a pecking order
Ivan Pavlov's experiments with dogs in the early 1900s studied __________.classical conditioning
__________ are chemicals that allow members of the same species to communicate.Pheromones
When a female hanging fly follows her instinct to mate with a male hanging fly that provides the largest object, the two animals exhibit __________.courtship behavior
A dog initially refuses to walk across a wooden bridge. The dog's owner teaches the dog to walk across the bridge after practicing this behavior multiple times without giving the dog a treat or a punishment. What type of learning is this an example of?habituation
The scent of food is an example of a (an) ____ stimulus.external
A ___ is a cycle, such as sleeping or waking, that occurs every day.circadian rhythm
Animals associate stimuli with a reward or punishment during ____.operant conditioning
Combative interaction between two animals of the same species is called ____.agonistic behavior
How are innate behaviors different from learned behaviors?They are genetically based.
What is the term for learning that occurs within a specific time period and is permanent?imprinting
What kind of behavior is being displayed when wolves howl?auditory communication
What theory may explain some kinds of altruistic behaviors?kin selection
A (an) ____ is an environmental change that directly influences the activity of an organism.stimulus
Behaviors that are genetically based and not linked to past experiences are called ____.innate
What type of conditioning occurs when dogs associate the sound of a bell with the unrelated stimulus of food?classical
What stimulus causes the dog to salivate in the classical experiment?bell
Baby birds stop responding to falling leaves is an example of habituation
What factor is involved when a lizard moves out of the sun after getting too hot?behavioral response to stimulus
A (an) ____ is a grouping in which animals are naturally ranked from highest to lowest.dominance hierarchy
How can dominance hierarchies benefit a species?reduce hostile behaviors among animals

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The study of the natural history of animal behavior isethology
Which of the following involves trial-and-error learning?operant conditioning
Human behavior, like other mammalian behavior, is determinedby a mixture of genes and learning
Learning to not respond to a stimulus is calledhabituation
A goose retrieving a stray egg and rolling it back into its nest is an example ofinstinctive behavior
A "Skinner box" is used for experiments inoperant conditioning
Chemical signals between individuals of the same species are calledpheromones
A sensitive phase and critical period are associated with what type of behavior?imprinting
Circadian rhythms are based on approximately a24-hour period
Dog salivating at the sound of a can opener.classical conditioning
Humans ignoring night sounds while asleep.habituation
A goose retrieves eggs that have rolled out of the nest with a stereotyped movement.fixed-action pattern
A rat in a box learns to associate pressing a lever with obtaining food.operant conditioning
Chemical messengers that are used for communication within an animal species are calledpheromones

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