Set 17 - Organ Systems - The Respiratory System

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Question Answer
The respiratory system is responsible for obtaining the _________ required for cellular respiration, and expelling _________.oxygen, carbon dioxide
_________ moves air into and out of the lungs.Pulmonary (lung) respiration
Gas exchange takes place within the _________ of the lungs.alveoli
Air enters the body through the _________ and _________and passes into the cartilage-lined _________, which splits into _________that enter the lungs and branch into a series of bronchioles. Cells along this tract are covered in _________, microscopic “hairs” that keep the airways free of debris.nasal cavity and pharynx (throat), trachea, two bronchi, cilia
The _________ transport air to the sac-like alveoli. Oxygen dissolves into the liquid lining the alveoli and crosses into the network of capillaries just beyond it. _________ in red blood cells binds to the oxygen molecules and carries them away. Carbon dioxide moves in the opposite direction, from the bloodstream, through the alveoli, and into to the air of the bronchioles.bronchioles, Hemoglobin
Air is inhaled and exhaled from the lungs by the action of the _________ and the muscles of the _________.diaphragm (the muscle below the lungs), ribcage
During inhalation, the diaphragm _________ and moves downward, and the rib cage _________. This increases the volume of the chest cavity, creating a negative pressure in the chest, which pulls air into the lungs.contracts, expands
On exhalation, the diaphragm _________ and moves upward and the ribs move _________, constricting the chest cavity and pushing air out of the lungs.relaxes, inward
Fish use _________ instead of lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.gills
Gills are composed of many delicate _________. When water moves over these filaments, _________ passes into the water and _________ enters them. Gills use a _________, which allows gas exchange through _________. Blood flows in the opposite direction as the moving water. This ensures that the concentration of oxygen in the water is higher, at every point, than that of the blood.filaments, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, countercurrent exchange system, passive transport
Insects do not use the familiar types of respiratory and circulatory systems to exchange gases, but instead rely on a system of air-filled tubes called _________. These tubes connect to the outside air through openings called _________.tracheae, spiracles