Set 12 - Chapter 7 - Mitosis & Meiosis - Princeton

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Question Answer
A human cell, after interphase has a total of ___________ chromosomes, each made up of 2 ___________46, chromatids
During the stage called interphase, ___________ (□ all □ only some) of the cell's chromosomes replicate.all
According to the current biological terminology, a human cell, after interphase, has in its nucleus, a total of ___________ (92 or 46) chromosomes, each chromosome having at its center a ___________ that joins the chromatids together.46, centromere
DNA replication is ___________ (□ the only process □ one of many processes) that takes place during of many processes
The cell's chromosomes become visible during a stage called ___________prophase
The spindle apparatus forms during a stage called ___________prophase
The division of the cell's cytoplasm is known as ___________ and this occurs during [ □ prophase □ anaphase □ telophase ]. cytokinesis, telophase
Duplicate chromosomes (the chromatids) separate from each other and move to opposite poles of the cell during a stage called ___________anaphase
During a stage called ___________ all of a cell's chromosomes replicate.interphase
The centromeres divide during a stage called ___________anaphase
During prophase, the ___________ move away from one another toward oppositesides of the cell. centrioles
If, for a particular organism, the diploid number of chromosomes is 10, then the haploid number is ___________5
The first metaphase of meiosis (metaphase I) differs from metaphase of mitosis in that a ___________of chromosomes lines up on each spindle fiber. pair
The four cells resulting from meiosis are ___________haploid
Crossing over occurs after ___________synapse
The word [ □ haploid □ diploid ] refers to a cell for which each chromosome does NOT have a homologous partner. haploid
The first anaphase of meiosis (anaphase I) differs from anaphase of mitosis in that centromeres [ □ do □ do not ] not
Prophase I of meiosis [ □ is □ is not ] similar to prophase of not
The cells produced at the end of telophase I are considered to be [ □ haploid □ diploid ]diploid
Spermatogenesis begins at ___________ and lasts ___________.puberty, for the life of the man
___________ mature sperm are produced from a single spermatogonium.4
The female gonad is the ___________.ovary
Oogenesis begins at ___________ and ends at ___________.puberty, menopause
[ □ four □ one ] mature ova (ovum) are (is) produced from a single primary
Spermatogenesistakes place on as [ □ daily □ monthly ] basis, whereas oogenesis takes place on a [ □ daily □ monthly ] basis. daily, monthly
The cells that disintegrate during oogenesis are called ___________.polar bodies