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Section 1

Question Answer
The inner fluid of the chloroplast is called ———————stroma
The layer of wax on the leaf surface is called the ———————cuticle
Most photosynthesis occurs in the ———————palisade layer
The Calvin cycle is a series of ——————— reactions.light-independent
Oxygen is released during the ———————reactions.light-dependent
The light-dependent reactions convert solar energy to usable energy, namely ATP and———————NADPH
The———————are the membranes inside the chloroplast where the light dependent reactions take place.thylakoids
Plants are ——————— and ——————— make their own food.autotrophs, can
Stomates are opened and closed by cells called ———————guard cells
Forming carbohydrate from carbon dioxide is also known as———————carbon fixation

Section 2

Question Answer
The female part of a flower is the ———————pistil
The tissue within plant veins that carries water from the roots up to the rest of the plant is the ———————xylem
The specific cells that transport water are the ———————and the tracheids, vessel elements
The ovary develops into a ———————fruit
The polar bodies, when fertilized, become a nutrient-rich tissue called———————endosperm
——————— is the type of tissue that carries food from photosynthesis in the leaves to the rest of the plant.Phloem
The specific cells that transport food are the ———————sieve cells
The anther and the filament are ———————parts of the flower. male
In a flowering plant, pollen is produced by and located on the ———————anther
The ——————— develops from the ovule. seed
A pollen tube grows down through the ———————style

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