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Question Answer
low sperm concentration in the ejaculateoligospermia
Contains 23 chromosomessperm
contains enzymes used to enter eggacrosome
when it shows nuclear fast red in Christmas Tree stainingnucleus of sperm
when it shows picro indigo carmine in Christmas tree staining? tail of the sperm
microscope used in Christmas Tree Stainingcompound
natural dye from Logwood tree woodHematoxylin
syntheitic dye from xanthene familyEosin
Displays purple color when dyedhead of sperm
displays pink color when dyedtail of sperm
low concentration of sperm<20 million sperm/mL
absence of sperm in the semenaspermia
spermatozoasperm cells
specific for sperm headsmonoclonal antibody
DAPIfluorophore for the nucleus of sperm to show blue/green
Alexa 488fluorophore for the sperm head to show bright green