Senate In Session

Updated 2009-09-23 15:16


per ianuamthrough the door
ad quamnear which
diufor a long time
exspectaverathad waited
Ubi fuisti?Where have you been?
rogavitshe asked
Tardus es.You are late.
ad Curiam Iuliamto the Senate House
processiI went
Puto patrem mox venturum esse.I think Father will come soon.
In ComitioIn the assembly place
Ianua non clausaBecause the door was not closed
multamany things
inter quosamong whom
clarissimosvery famous
Quibus iam sedentibusWith these men sitting
consulesthe consuls
Augustus ipseAugustus himself
nuntiatus estit was announced
omina bona essethat the omens were good
De quo?About what?
Audire non poteramI couldn't hear
viros prementes et clamantespushing the men and shouting
Quem putas eos dimisisse?Whom do you think scattered them?
Pueris dixithe told the boys
de gravibus rebusabout important matters
deos vocatos esse et adessethat the gods had been called and were present
deis iniuriam facerewere doing wrong to the gods
eos poenam daturum essethat they would pay the penalty
haec et multa aliathese and many other things
Quo modohow
pueros eum timuisse putoI think the boys feared him.
Quas litteras habetis?What letters do you have?
iussithe ordered
Litteris omnibus lectiswith all the letters having been read
verba fecitmade a speech
multos viros oppressos essethat many men had been overpowered by slaves
prehendibe seized
torqueribe tortured
interficibe killed
Cuius modi erant sententiae?Of what sort were the opinions? (What were the opinions like?)
consilium consulis bonum futurumthat the consul's plan would be good
hanc poenamthis punishment
acrioremrather harsh
maiorem partem patruma majority of the senators
eathese things
in parte consulison the side of the consul
Sententiis datiswith the opinions having been given
Nihil vos teneoI do not keep you