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Question Answer
Watering hole attack platformMail gateway
Overwriting contents of memory to fuck w/ applicationBuffer overflow
Input validation protects againstSQL injection
Common target of cross-site scriptingDynamic web pages
Authenticate without extracting cleartext password Pass the hash
Modification to change external behaviorShimming
Optimizing existing computer code w/o changing external behaviorRefactoring
WEP vulnerability key attackIV attack
Prevent XSSValidate input, restrict special characters
Cryptographic attack, plaintext & encryptedKPA
BluejackingUnsolicited messages via Bluetooth
BluesnarfingUnauthorized access via bluetooth
Resident virusExists in memory, persists on the infected system
Nonresident virusLooks for targets, spreads, and exits
Multipartite virusInfects both executables and MBR
Rootkit goalGain escalated permissions
Bot provides originatorVenue to propogate
Principles of SEAuthority, intimidation, consensus, scarcity/urgency, familiarity, trust
Blind vs informed spoofing1 way vs 2 way communication
XSSMalicious client side script causes user to be compromised
DLL injectionLegit processes utilize malicious DLL
Rainbow tablesBig stores of precomputed hashes
TeardropFragmented UDP packets with odd offset


Question Answer
Threat actorIndividual, group, entity contributing to incident
Threat actor attributesMotive, Intent, Capability, Relationship (MICR)
Steps in pentest attackExploit, escalate, pivot, persist
Intrusive vulnerability scanVerify actual vulnerabilities
Race condition occursCode sequences fight over resources
NACBest mitigate the risks associated w/ allowing network access
Anomoly-based IDSLearns network, acts on odd events
Session affinityOnce the LB gives you a target, you stick with it
Signature-based IDSChecks against a database of known vulnerabilties
Heuristic IDSClassifies behavior as benign, suspicious, or unknown

Misc Q

Question Answer
Resistant to replay attacksIPSec, Kerberos, CHAP
Least vulnerable to attacksAES