Security+ Port_Definitions

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Section 1

Question Answer
FTPSends and receives files between systems.
SSHEncrypted console login
SCPSimple file copy over SSH
SFTPSSH file transfer with file managment
TelnetRemote console login
SMTPTransfer email between mail servers
DNSConvert domain names to IP addresses
TFTPA very simple file transfer protocol
HTTPWeb server communication
POP3Receive mail into a mail client

Section 2

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NetBIOS (UDP 137)Register, remove, and find services by name
NetBIOS (UDP 138)Connectionless data transfer
NetBIOS (TCP 139)Connection-oriented data transfer
IMAP4A newer mail client protocol
SNMPGather statistics and manage network devices
HTTPSWeb server communication with encryption
TLS/SSLSecure protocols for web browsing
FTPSAdds security to FTP with TLS/SSL
RDPGraphical display of remote devices
ICMPSend management messages between devices
IPsecAuthentication, integrity, confidentiality, and encryption