Section 1 Assessment pg 203

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Question Answer
What types of landforms cover most of japan ?mountains cover most of Japan.
How did Japans location both separate it from and tie it to china and Korea?the location was the reason why they were by the sea but it was close to China and Korea.
What is Shinto?is the traditional religion of Japan.
How did the Yamato rulers gain power?they built up armies and they gained neighbors.
How did Prince Shotoku help spread Buddhism in Japan?he send scholars to learn about Buddhism temple.
What do you think was the most important idea the Japanese borrowed from China or Korea? Why?one of the the first things the Japanese learned from China or Korea was language, because it was one of the first ideas China invented.I think writing was important, because without writing, people do not have good means of long-distance communication.
Outsideall his life Prince Shotoku admired Chinese cultures .One of the first things the Japanese learned from China and Korea was language .As regent, Shotoku saw a chance for Japan to adopt more Chinese ideas.
InsideFor the most part,however,these visits didnt have a great impact on the Japanese way of life .By the mid-500s, though, some Japanese leaders thought that Japan could learn a great deal from other cultures.
Section 2 Assessment pg 208
Where did japan court move in the late 700s?the japanese court moved to hein , which is now called kyoto.
Why are the 800s to the 1100s considered a golden age for japanese literature and art?a geat culture for launguage and learning.
Do you think women in heian had more rights and freedom than women in other societies ?Why or Why not?during the heian period,women had more rights than in other cultures .
What were two forms of Buddhism that developed in Japan?pure land and Zen Buddhism forms were developed in Japan.
How was religion among japan nobles different from religion among the common people? religion among Japanese nobles included eleborate rituals.Since common people couldnt afford these,they developed a meditation type of Buddhism.
Why do you think Pure Land Buddhism was popular with common people?pure land Buddhism required no speacial and elaborate rituals,which commoners couldnt afford.
Artchitecturebuilding,natural feel
Visual artpainting callgraphy
Fashiongold jewlery
Liturewrote diaries
Performing artjuggler and musicians