Secrets - Alcohol, Cholesterol, Diabetes Mellitus

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How do you treat wernickes encephalopathy?thiamine FIRST then glucose
whats the triad of wernickes syndrome?nystagmus, ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, confusion
whats korsakoff syndrome (d/t thiamine deficiency)?anterograde amnesia and confabulation (lying) to cover up amnesia
what is damaged in korsakoff syndrome?lesion to maxillary bodies and thalmic nucleis

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corneal arcus is a sign of what?high cholesterol
list the major risk factors for coronary heart disease1) age = men >45 years old; women >55 2) family history of premature heart attacks 3) smoking 4) HTN 5) DM 6) low HDL <40
whats the formula for LDL?LDL = total cholesterol - HDL - (TG/5)
name 3 things that increase HDL? 4 things that decrease HDLIncrease HDL: moderate alcohol consumption, exercise, estrogen. Decrease HDL = smoking, androgens, progesterone, hypertriglyceridemia

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