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KapellmeisterHadyn's job as music director where he rehearsed orchestra and directed concerts. composer.
String quartet4 movements, first mvmt in sonata form. Played in domestic spaces, not concert halls
Hadyn, string quartet in Eb majorsold on subscription. "new" and "quite special", galant style, rondo in last movement, first mvmt is sonata form
Rondo formABACADA etc. Had refrain- returning theme in tonic. next were episodes with contrast from refrain
Symphonymajor orchestral genre of 18th century. 3-4 movements. mainly strings
Sinfonia3 movements. fast-slow-fast. unrelated to music or story of opera.
Mannheim courtcenter of symphony in 1740's. four movement structure standardizes in 1768 attributed to Hadyn
Hadyn, Symphony No 88 1st: sonata 2nd: theme and variations 3rd: minuet and trio 4th: rondo. is a SYMPHONY
Symphonies were performed where?public concerts, courts and churches. tickets sold to upper middle class
After contract at Esterhazy relaxes, what happens?Hadyn writes for public concerts including his London Symphonies
Importance of vienna:Mozart leaves salzburg for Vienna. works as composer/performer. studies with Hadyn.
Who introduced Mozart to Bach's musicBaron Von Swieten
Mozart, piano concert in A majorSimilar to JC Bach's concerto: combines ritornello and sonata form. is a CONCERTO.
Topics/Topoidifferent styles in a composition that create variety. several emotions and ideas.
Examples of topicsgalant style, empfindsam style, dance music, hunting music and others we can imagine
Sturm und drang loud passionate music in minor mode. with faster rhythms and full texture
opera seria reformsmodified da capo aria, new forms for arias, blurred recitative and aria, reigned in star singers. made chorus prominent
Christopher Willibald GluckHis opera reflected enlightenment reforms. music follows dramatic action, but prescribed conventions and forms.
Singspielgerman language play with songs, but not recitative - the magic flute
Most famous operas with Lorenzo Da PonteMarriage of Figaro, Cosi fan Tutte, Don Giovanni
Significance of Don GiovanniOPERA, dramma giocoso "comic drama", opera buffa.
Beethoven's late periodassociated with deafness and isolation. music was dramatic and contrasted style. innovative. emotional music.
Beethoven's compositional output and periods9 symphonies, 11 overtures, 1 violin concerto, 5 piano. 16 String quartets. Sonata's and opera (Fidelio)
Heligenstadt testamentBeethoven's image sets standard for a romantic conception of an artist. Bridge to romanticism
Symphony in early 1800'sprestigious, public genre. Four movements. many people needed. played in big halls.
Beethoven's innovationsSubverts/extends form in unexpected ways. challenges 4 movement conventions. blends movements together
scherzoa vigorous, light, or playful composition, typically comprising a movement in a symphony or sonata.
Beethoven string quarter in C# minor7 slow movements, no pause. String quartet.