Sec+401 random cards 4

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Question Answer
in-line network analyzer determines protocol parameter is out of boundariesAnomaly-based
CAST and IDEA are both examples of what type of cryptography?Symmetric
encryption algorithm depends on the inabiltity to factor 2 large prime numbersRSA
block size of SHA hash function512bits
Cryptographic hash generates a fixed-length representation of any seq. lengthSHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) (SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA256, SHA-384, SHA-512)
attack that involves sending bogus msgs to employees of an organizationSPIM (SPam over Instant Messaging)
uses a time-based factor for creating uniques passwordsTOTP (Time-based One-Time Password)
attack type where unauthroized user gains physical access to secure areatailgating
algorithm that produces 160-bit hash valuesSHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm - 1) any change to msg results in different msg
the three facets of securityConfidentiality, Integrity, Availability (remebered by "CIA")