Sec+401 random cards 2

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Question Answer
network service allows clients to make indirect connections to other servicesproxy
solution on individual host to monitor malicious activities or policy violationsHIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System)
protocol and port number used by a spam filterSMTP tcp/25
solution combines firewall w/ URL filtering, content/malware inspectionUTM (Unified Threat Management)
solution inspects traffic real-time, has capability to stop on-going attackNIPS (Network-base Intrusion Prevention System)
runs on provider cloud infrastructure, apps accessible from client devicesSaaS (Software as a Service)
enables you to rent a fully configured system setup for a specific purposePaaS (Platform as a Service)
combination of PaaS, treat assets as resources, accessible to 3rd partiesNaaS (Network as a Service)
enables you to rent equipment and run data center in a virtual environmentIaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
uses single key to encrypt/decrypt data, faster than public key, large amountSymmetric encryption mettod