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chapter 7 & 8 early and late effects of ionizing radiation


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Early effects of radiation that occur soon after high dose of ionization is recieved is also known asnonstochastic(deterministic) and have a threshold
Somatic effectsmay either be classified as early somatic (nonstochastic/deterministic) OR late somatic effects (stochatic/ probabilistic)
Early nonstochastic (deterministic) somatic effectsappear within minutes, hours, days, or weeks of the time of radiation exposure. Requires a substantial dose of ionizing radiation, do not usually occur in diagnostic imaging.
what is anohter name for Acute Radiation Syndrome?early somatic effects( deterministic) non-stochastic ( is a collection of symptoms associated with high level radiation exposure
ARS occurs in human after whole body reception of "_________" doses of ionizing radiation delivered over a "________" period of time.Large ; short
What are the three dose related syndromes?Hematopoietic, Gastrointestinal, Cerebrovascular syndrome
What are the 4 major responses of of ARS?1) prodormal or initial 2)latent 3) manifest illness 4) recovery or death
prodormal stage of ARS1 Gy or more, occurs w/i hours after whole body absorbed dose. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, leukopenia ( abnormal decrease in white blood corpuscles usually below 500/mm^3),
Latent stage of ARSno visible symptoms , is during this period that either recovery or lethal effects begins. Runs a course of about 1 week
Manifest Illness stage of ARSSymptoms that affect the hemaopoietic, gastrointestinal, cerebrovascular system become visible. Symtoms include, apathy, confusion, decrease in the number of red and white blood cells and platelets in the circulating blood, fluid loss, dehydration, epication, exhaustion, vomitting, sever diarrhea, fever, headaches,
Recovery or death stage of ARSafter whole body dose of 2-3 Gy exposed persons pass through the first 3 stages but show less severe symptoms tan those seen after a superr lethal doses of 6-10 GY. Recovery may occur in about 3 months however those cells that recover may show signs of radiation damage and experience late effects
What is the LD 50/30 for humans?3-4 Gy w/o medical support ( 6 Gy will cause death to entire population in 30 days, and wit medical intervention human have tolerated as much as 8.5 Gy)
What LD is most accurate for human when medical treatment is given?LD 50/60
What percent of radiation damage is irreparable? and what percent may be repaired over time?10%; 90%
Order of male germ cellspermatogonia, spermatocyes, spermatid, sperm
order of female germ cellsprimoridal follicle, mature follicle, corpus luteum, ovum
.25 Gy (25 rad) whole body dose of ionizing radiationwill produce a measurable hematologic depression
Bone marrow, circulating blood, and lymphoid organs cells develop from what single precursor cell?pluripotential stem cell
Radiosensitivity of lymphocytes0,1 Gy will decrease and go back up, with .25 Gy count will almost do down to zero
Radiosensitivity of neutrophils0.5 Gy
Radiosensitivity of Thrombocytes0.5 Gy
erythrocyte die how long after irradiation and how long do the normally live fordecline 110-120 days after irradiation, live 120 days
granulocytes die how long after irradiation and how long do the normally live forlive for about 2 days
thrombocyte live how long2 days
lymphocyte die how long after irradiation1-6 hrs.