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Question Answer
What was so unusual about Richard Esteridge?Richard Esteridge had died 100 years ago.
What is the setting of Into the Storm?North Caroline
What are two things that dogs can help humans with?Chase foxes away from chicken coops and cleared restaurants.
Prior to the late 1800s, most people didn't have dogs unless they were?Most people didn't have dogs unless they can afford to feed and care for a pet.
At least _____% of U.S. families own a dog.50%
List three people and their failure that lead to their success? Beyoncé failed in the Star Search Show. J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers. Micheal Jordan missed 9,000 shots.
Dog owners spend and average of $_____.135
________ was the first to test the autonomous cars.Uber
The cars rely on _______ to navigate.GPS
How do kids in Atule'er, China get to school? Kids in Atule'er get to school by making a journey down ladders from their homes at the top of a 763 meter - tall mountain.
Due to _______, kids from Bangladesh ________.
Kids in Madeline, WI go to school by ______ in the summer, by ______ in winter, and by ________ before it gets cold.A ferry, car, windsled
Baboons are native to ______ and ________.African and Arabian
The average lifespan is ______ to _____ years.35 to 45 years
Most baboons target ______ to get _________. Grocery shoppers to get food.
How do the citizens of Cape Town respond to the violence.The city of Cape Town initiated a program that aimed to control and help the baboon population.