Science VocabularyLesson 1 Chapter 2

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Question Answer
classificationgrouping similar things together
kingdomSciencetist classify living organisms into major large groups
phylumis a major group within a kingdom
classsmaller than phylum
ordersmaller than class
familysmaller than order
genus smaller than family
speciesis a unique kind of organism
vascular tissueis a transport tube for plant
nonvascular planta plant without a transport tube
vascular planta plant with transport tube
vertebratean animal that has backbone
invertibratean animal without a backbone
sponges like jelly fish
mollusk soft bodied animal such as,octopus
echinodermbody part have multiple of five
artopodjoint legs and two or more body segments
worma animal
struture is form of a body part
funtionis what a struture does