Science vocabulary lesson1

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Section 1

Question Answer
cellis a basic unit of structure and function of living things
microscopicmost of the cell are micoscopic they can seen only with a microscope
organismis any living thingsthat maintains vitals life process
cell membraneswurround by thin covering coat
nucluesdirect all the cell
cytoplasmkeep a cell healthy
protistsimple organism
mitochondraia powerhouses

Section 2

Question Answer
tissueis in your skin made from a lot of cell
organ systemorgan that work together
digestive systembreaks food down
circulatory systemmade up from the heart, blood,blood vessels help transport oxgen nutrient and wasste through the body
respiratory systema group of organs and tissue that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide between body and environment
skeletal systembone that protect many of your organs
muscular systeminclude muscles and tendons that move bone
nervous systemenable your sense and react to it
excretory systemremove some poop or pee of the body
organseveral time of tissue that work together like a function