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Science Unit 1 Quiz Review

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Parts of the Scientific Method

Question Answer
dependent variable A condition or event that is measured or counted
independent variablecondition that is changed by the experimenter
Control VariableThe significant conditions that are kept constant by the experimenter
Purpose Clearly indicates the relationship you intend to study
Hypothesiseducated guess based on your experience or previous knowledge
ProcedureOutlines the steps you took to produce the results you achieved.
Procedure need to contain (3)– Measurements and Unites – In order – Clear instructions that can be followed
Observationsdisplay your findings.
Bar Graph non-continuous data
Histogram data is continuous, no spaces between the bars!
Line Graphmap independent and dependent variables that are both quantitative.
Scatter PlotIndividual points are not connected with a line but expressed with a trend
Conclusionstate relationship lab established and refer back to hypothesis
Discussion p.1 • Justification of conclusion. • Use data from tables and graphs to support ... explain how you graph shows a positive or negative relationship.
Discussion p.2Scientific explanation of ‘why’ the results occurred.
Discussion p.3Discuss one significant error that affected the outcome of your lab.


Question Answer
Controlled ExperimentIV is purposely changed and the effect, if any, on the DV is measured.
Controlled Experiment example5.Studies show that the more a person is educated the less time they are likely to serve in prison
Observational StudyThe observation and recording of a subject or phenomenon to gather scientific information. No manipulation of variables.
Observational Study example1.A group of mice in a field are watched carefully every day for a month to determine what type of food they like to eat in the wild
Correlational StudyInvestigator looks at the relationship between two variables without control over them
Correlational Study example6.An underwater camera records the behavior of sharks and a scientist analyzes the video to better understand how sharks interact with each other

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