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Science Time

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Question Answer
what is chlorophyll?a green pigment in leaves that captures sunlight for photosynthesis
what is photosynthesis?when a plant captures the sun's light and converts it into glucose, an energy
what are stomata?they are pores on the underside of the leaf, which take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen
how do plants get water?through their roots
what is the equation for photosynthesis?water + carbon dioxide + sunlight = oxygen + glucose
what are the 3 elements that make up glucose?carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
how do plants store/use their glucose?they grow taller, make tubes, fruit, new leaves, etc

Cellular Respiration

Question Answer
what is the equation for cellular respiration?glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water
what is ATP?cell energy
cellular respiration and photosynthesis are the compliment of each other, what does this mean?the products made in one reaction are needed as the reactants to start the other reaction
do all living things carry out cellular respiration?yes
what is cellular respiration?the process of releasing energy stored in sugars to carry out vital functions
what organelle does cellular respiration?mitochondria