Science test review

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structure of an atom electrons, neutrons and protons
difference between ionic and covalent bondsionic is when electrons are transferred and ions are formed while in covalent bonds is the sharing of electrons with other atoms
difference between chemical and physical changechemical is when a new substance Is made and physical Is when an objects matter changes but it still the same object
anything that occupies space matter
pure substance doesn't change what the substance iselements
1 law of thermodynamics energy is neither created or destroyed
2 law of thermodynamics whenever energy is used, some is been wasted
group of atoms bonded together molecule
energy in motion kinetic energy
energy that is stored potential
where is energy stored in a molecule? stored in molecules in the ATP
why is carbon so special? most living things need this to live, we need carbon to breath and our atmosphere needs carbon to grow and reproduce.
3 types of carbohydrates monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides
single sugar and glucosemonosaccharides
double sugar glucose disaccharides
starch glycogenpolysaccharides
structure of a fatty acid chainchain of carbon bonded the hydrogen atoms
relationship between protein and nucleic aids? DNA molecules are used to create RNA molecules.
building block of proteinsamino acids
4 different protein structure primary structure, secondary structure, tertiary structure and quaternary structure