Science Test #2

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The movement of air caused by differences in air pressureWind
The greater the air pressure distance the _____ the wind will gofaster
Difference in air pressure is caused by what heating?uneven
The air pressure is what at the equater the the poleslower
warm air is ______ dense the cool airless
Air pressure is ______ at the polesgreatest
Air traveling in a circual patternconvection cells
Bands of high and low pressure found at every 30 degrees pressure belts
The apparent curving of wind and water due to the rotation of the EarthCoriolis Effect
Polar Easterlies, Westerlies, and trade winds are?global winds
Winds from 0-30 degrees latitudetrade winds
Winds that blow at the polespolar easterlies
Winds from 30-60 degrees latitudeeasterlies
Lack of winds at the equaterdoldrums
What are the winds called that sink at 30N and 30S?horse latitudes
From which direction do Westerlies come?west
From which direction do Easterlies come?east
Which winds blow across US?westerlies
If Trade Winds carried traders from Europe to America, which wind system carried them back to Europe?westerlies
Which two breezes above happen only during the daysea and valley
Which two breezes above happen only during the nightland and moutain
Which stays warmer longer at nightwater
the contamination of the atmosphere by the introduction of pollutants from human and natural sources.air pollution
pollutants that are put directly into the air by human or natural activity.primary
pollutants that form when primary pollutants react with other primary pollutants or with naturally occurring substances.secondary
pollutants that are released from a single source and are easy to identify.point-source
pollutants released from multiple sources and are difficult to identify.nonpoint-source
the mixing of indoor and outdoor air by opening a door or window.ventilation
rain, sleet, hail or snow that contains acids.acid precipitation
when acid precipitation causes the acidity of the soil to increase.acidification
a rapid change in a body of water’s acidity.acid shock
List 3 examples of secondary pollutantsozone haze smog
List 3 examples of non-point source pollutantsEXHAUST, ASH, SMOKE FROM BRUSH, SEA SALT, POLLEN
car exhaust+sunlightozone
ground level ozone+exhaustsmog
Smoke from a smokestack + water vapor in the airacid precipitation
Smoke from a smokestack can cause a secondary pollutant to form over the factory callehaze
List the two metals that are locked in the rocks and can be released from acidification of soialuminum mercury
What causes 10-20% of all human-caused air pollution on our planettransportation
a device used to remove some pollutants from smokestack emissions.scrubber
devices used in cars to remove many pollutants from car exhaust.catalytic converters

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