Science Test 2

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Methods of Separtion

Question Answer
How do you separate large pieces of material from a mixtureTongs/fingers
How do you separate material LESS dense than waterflotation
How do you separate material MORE dense than waterSettling
How do you separate the solvent from a solutionDistillation
How do you separate coarse material from fine materialSifting
How do you separate dissolved particles from undissolved particles Filtration
How do you separate the solute from the soultionEvaporation

Fractional Distillation

Question Answer
What is crude oil made up ofdead dinosaurs, dead plants, etc
What is done in the first towerthe crude oil/petroleum is heated until it´s turned into a gas
What is done in the second towerthe gas mixture slowly, rises, cools, and condenses; the gas is made up of different particles so the gases cool at different times


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