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Section 1

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Fluidany substance that flows
flow ratemeasure of speed of flow
all matter is made of particles
all particles are inconstant motion
all particles in one substance is identical (look the same)
___ effect speed of particlestemperature
there are ___ between particlesspaces
particles have forces of_____ between themattraction
Are there still spaces between molecules when mixed? Yes or NoYes

Section 2

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Viscositya fluid's resistance to flow
unit of viscositythick or thin
Flow rate formuladistance divide time = cm/minute

Section 3

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Densitythe amount of mass contained in a given volume
Density FormulaMass / volume ( I ❤ density)
Salt water has more/less density than sugar watermore
density of water1g/cm3
unit of densityg/cm3
if a object's density is more than water, it willsink
if a object's density is less than water, it willflow
Buoyancya force that pushes up on an object in a fluid

Section 4

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Pressure the amount of force applied to an given area
pressure formulaP= f/a (f = force a = area)
Pressure's unitpascal
1 pacal =1 newton per 1m2 of area

Section 5

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fluid system atleast 1 type of fluid working as a whole
pascal's lawwhen force is added to enclosed fluid, the pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid
Hydraulicwater fluid system
Pnuematicgas fluid system
which system is more reliable over a large temperature range?Pneumatic
pumpmove a fluid into or through something
valveto control the flow rate or amount of fluid into something

Section 6

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Liquid to Solidfreeze
Solid to Liquidmelt
Solid to Gassublimation
Gas to soliddeposition
Gas to liquidconsendation
liquid to gasessaporation