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Section 1

Question Answer
Fossils that extend through several strata are-Polystrate fossils
One idea that attempts to reconcile the Bible and evolutionTheistic Evolution
Belief that the universe and life originated through natural processesEvolution
Supposed starting point of cosmic evolutionBig bang
Geologist who popularized uniformitarianismCharles Lyell
Scientist that said many catastrophes that shaped esrths featuresGeorges Cuvier
Hypethetical time scaleGeologic Column
Appearance of life in fossil recordCambrian Explosion
Idea that the fittest and strongest of an animal is more likely to reproduce than weaker animals Natural selection
Preserved remains of life in sedimentary rockFossil

Section 2

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Radiometric dating on organic materialsCarbon-14-dating
Most famous Australopithecine Lucy
Gap formed when strata is missing Uncomformity
Years the flood occurred5000-6000
Does the geological record support and confirm the flood?Yes
Where in the earth is the geologic column found in its entirety No where
Deep sea fish ancestor of the 1st amphibiansCoelacanth
"Missing link" transitioning form between amphibians and reptilesSeymouria
"Missing link" from fish and tetrapods?Tiktaalik
"Missing link" of birds and reptiles Archaeopteryx
Belief God called the universe into existence out of nothinfSpecial creation
Order in longest to shortest which evolutionists devide(1) eon (2) era (3) period (4)epoch
False believe all geological proceed at the same rate Uniformitarianism
No change in present day or fossil record Stasis
Badly crushed homo skull in either Kenya or India (idk)Skull 1470
Idea 1 or more catastrophes are responsible for earths structure-Catastrophism

Section 3

Question Answer
Transitional formsIntermediate
Fossil characteristic of a certain period Index fossil
Hypthethesks rapid changes Punctuated equilibrium
Portion of skull contains brainCranium capacity
Classification man vs ape -upright manHomo erectus
Southern apeAustralopithecine
Modern mans class Homo Sapianes
Fossil lost in WWIIPeking man
Human ancestor with rickets Neanderthal man
Chipamzee missing link handy manHomo ha polis a
Ancestor reconstructed from bone fragment Rampithicus

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