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what is an intrusive rock?an igneous rock that is formed beneath the earth's surface
what is a metamorphic rock?a rock that is formed do to heat and pressure/ and or chemical reactions
what is and extrusive rock?and igneous rock formed above the earth's surface
what is contact metamorphism?when heat invades existing rocks
what is a regional metamorphism?when heat from tectonic plates creates heat and pressure in the area.
what is a conglomerate rock? a sedimentary rock that is formed of smooth pebbles
what is a p wavesthe fastest wave and goes through all states of matters
what are s waves?the second fastest wave that only goes through solids
how does igneous rocks fromby cooled and hardened magma or lava
how does the magnetosphere help usit is a shield that protects us from solar radiation
thinnest layer of the earthcrust
layer of the earth that contains the most volumemantle
two kinds of crustoceanic and continental
layers of the earthinner core outer core lower mantle upper mantle crust
te rock cycleigneous rock sediments sedimentary rock metamorphic rock magma and lava
why is the inner core solidbecause of how much pressure is on top of it

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