Science Quiz Rocks and Minerals

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Question Answer
What is a Mineral?A pure naturally occuring material
Minerals are:The building blocks of rocks
What are some examples of minerals?Gold,quartz,halite,graphite and fluorite
What is a rock?A natural material composed of several minerals
What are some examples of rock?Granite,mud stone,serpentine and breccia
You can study a mineral by:Identifying it's properties
What are the 5 properties of a mineral?Colour,lustre,streak,cleavage and fracture and hardness
Why is colour not reliable?Because the colour of a mineral can change over time, same mineral can have different colours and different minerals can have same colour
What is lustre?It is the way the mineral reflects light it can have a mettalic or non-metallic lustre
What is streak?It is the colour of the powder that it leaves behind when rubbed on a rough surface
What is cleavage and fracture?The way the mineral breaks
What is cleavage?Means it breaks into a smooth surface
What is fracture?Means it breaks with rough uneven surfaces
What is hardness?It is measuring by how easily a mineral can be scratched
What is Mohs scale of hardness?It consists of 10 minerals ranked in order of hardness
What are the 3 types of rocks?Igneous,Sedimentary and Metamorhic rocks
What is an Igneous rock?It is a rock formed from cooled magma or lava
What are the 2 kinds of Igneous rock?Intrusive and Extrusive
What is an Intrusive Igneous rock?It means it has formed under the surface (from magma)
What is an Extrusive Igneous rock?It means it formed on the surface (from lava)
What is a Sedimentary rock?It is a rock formed from compacted sediments usually found at the bottom of lakes and oceans
What is a Metamorphic rock?It is a rock formed under extreme heat and pressure found deep in the crust
What is the Rock cycle?Any rock that is heated may melt into magma and later form Igneous rock, and any rock that is exposed on earths surface may be broken down into sediments and later become a sedimentary rock