Science Quiz Particle Theory

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Question Answer
any substance that flowsfluid
measure of speed of fluid flowflow rate
anything that has mass and pressurematter
amount of force applied to a given areapressure
a mixture of water and solidsslurry
amount of mass in a given volumedensity
how must matter is in a substancemass
how much space a substance takes upvolume
a way of describing matter and its behaviourparticle theory
resistance of a fluid to flowviscosity
a decrease in volumecompression
a push or pullforce
force that slows down motionfriction
tendency of an object to rise or sink buoyancy

The Particle Theory

Question Answer
All matter is made of _______.particles
The particles of matter are in ______ _______.constant motion
All particles of one ______ are _______.substance, identical
_______ affects the ______ of which particles move.temperature, speed
There are ______ in between particles.spaces
There are _______ of ______ between particles.forces of attraction

Solid, Liquid and Gas Particles

Question Answer
Gasvery rapid moving and spread out
Liquidclose together but moves a lot
Solidorganized, particles only move a little bit

Changing States

Question Answer
solid to liquidmelting
liquid to solidfreezing
solid to gassublimation
gas to soliddeposition
gas to liquidcondensation
liquid to gasevaporation

Motor Oil

Question Answer
main functionlubricate moving parts
secondary functionscleans, stops corrosion, cools engine
important property and whyviscosity (must be high enough to maintain lubricating film but low enough to flow around and keep all parts well coated)
SAE stands forSociety of Automatic Engines
higher SAE grade number (first number) meanshigh viscosity