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A remora hitching a ride on a shark is an example of commensalism
An example of symbiosis isa butterfly sipping nectar from a flower
Male deer fighting over territory is an example ofcompetition
A school of herring is an example of patterns in space
The total number of Canada geese in a city is the city's Canada goosepopulation
Moss growing in a bare rock environment is a pioneer species
After a forest fire, when trees & grasses begin to grow back:secondary succession
A squirrel, an owl, and a northern oriole living in the same oak tree are part ofa community
When a rabbit population in a meadow can't grow any larger, its reached thecarrying capacity
Earthworms tunneling through the soil and then eaten by a robin is the worms'niche

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All the living things in a meadow and the physical environment around themecosystem
Combustion, photosynthesis, and respiration are processes that cyclecarbon through the enviroment
A substance evaporates, condenses, and then falls back to the groundthis is called the water cycle
When a crab lives on a beach gets food, shelter, and space to live.this is its habitat
All the leopard frogs in a pond make up the ponds leopard frogpopulation
Algae continuing to grow and multiply in a lake until there is no more limiting factor
Maximum population that an environment can support is calledcarrying capacity
urban areas are defined as havinglarge human populations
A renewable resource is one that is able to be replaced or refilled
This makes it easier for the ecosystem to recover if one species disappearsbiodiversity
Substances that make the enviroment harmful are calledpollutants
Purple loosestrife is found in some wetland ecosystemsthis decreases biodiversity

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